Monday, November 5, 2018

My 20% off HyVee Produce Haul!

For those of you who missed it, I shared on our Facebook page yesterday that HyVee was offering 20% off all the produce that would fit into a bag.  The offer was good today only!  I promised that if I headed over there that I would report on my savings.  Oh boy!!  Did I ever save!!  By the way, before I get started, I'd like to ask you to head on over to our Facebook page and give us a "like".  I post a lot of deals, questions, and tips on our Facebook page

I got all this into the regular sized brown paper grocery bag that they handed me!  Before I left home, I had scanned this week's sales flyer.  So, I had a game plan all mapped out when I hit the store.

Misfit Produce Display

I began by checking out the Misfit Produce display.  HyVee partnered with one of the world's leading distributors of "ugly" produce.  As of June of 2017, HyVee, with the help of their loyal customers, had saved over a million pounds of produce from a destiny in the dumpster.  Here is how HyVee explains the program on their website“Ugly” produce is cosmetically challenged fruits and vegetables that would traditionally go unsold due to the industry’s size and shape standards. Hy-Vee partnered with Robinson Fresh, one of the largest produce companies in the world, to offer its line of Misfits produce."  

Most misfit produce I saw still seemed quite fresh and didn't seem to have noticeable blemishes.  Actually, the most common attribute that I have found is that the items are generally too big or too small for conventional sale.  I rather like this in some fruits and vegetables.  For instance, I commonly find a three pound bags of apples on the misfit aisle for under $3 for the bag.  The apples are just smaller than general.  But, when you have kids grabbing apples for lunches, that's perfect!  This means less waste and you know that they are likely to eat the whole piece of fruit.  

I found this four pound bag of sweet potatoes for just $3.69 and that was the price before the additional 20% discount.  I did check the price of sweet potatoes in the store just to be absolutely certain that this price was less.  Although sweet potatoes were on sale for $.99 a pound, the misfits won the price race.  I have bought bags of misfit sweet potatoes several times before and always been very satisfied with the freshness of this product. 

My only complaint with the misfit display is that it is not very well labelled.  So, I generally wind up having someone in the produce department do a price check on an item or two if I am interested in something. However, the employees have always been super nice and very accommodating.  

On Sale!

This was already a great fruit week for HyVee, even before they kicked in that wonderful additional 20% off offer!  Here are some of the prices I paid: 

Beautiful black grapes - $.77 a pound.  I bought 6 pounds and they should last us all week.

Avocados - on sale 2/$1.00!  Yay!  Aren't they beautiful?  They were not ripe yet.  So, tacos and maybe a layered tortilla casserole are in our future later this week!  We bought 8 avocados.  Hopefully they will ripen at a slightly different rate.  We shall see. 

A couple of my kids just love kiwi fruit!  I didn't even see this in the sales flyer!  They were 3/$1.00!  We got 12 of them.  

Fresh broccoli makes me really happy!  At $2.48, this huge bunch made me really happy!  I am thinking about splitting it in two and making fresh cream of potato/broccoli soup with half and a stir fry with the other half. 

Don't throw the big stems away!  Did you know you can peel the tough outside off the stems, then slice it and use it in soup?  I did it all the time!  

One final item, the white onions were on sale for $.77 a pound.  So, I got two, nice big ones.  

What I paid:

 Drum roll, please!  After deducting $4.04 with the 20% off coupon, the total was ..... 



 Thanks, HyVee!

This frugal, savvy shopper is a happy camper tonight!  I asked the young man at the checkout counter if they planned to do this again.  He said he didn't know.  So, let's let HyVee know we'd like to see more of these kinds of savings being offered.  If they build it ...we will come!

Did you go?  

If you took advantage of this special offer, let us know!  Tell us what you got and if you felt that the savings were great.  

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