Saturday, November 24, 2018

MORE Christmas Gifts for $3 or Less

Last week I posted, "Christmas Gift Ideas for $3 or Less".  My readers have spoken, sent in ideas, and asked for more super thrifty ways to spread love and appreciation during the Holiday season!  So, today it's time for, MORE Christmas Gifts for $3.00 or Less!

DIY Gift Ideas:

Bath Bombs:  Visit any Bath and Body Shop and you'll see a huge selection of bath bombs.  One of my students gave me one of these as a gift last year for Christmas.  She had a blast making them and they certainly came in on the "thrifty" end of the gift scale.  I saw the cost estimated to be about $2 each to make these yourself.  Here is a step-by-step tutorial.


Rice Bag Warmers:  I actually ordered a set of these years ago.  You can warm them in the microwave or chill them in the freezer.  They are perfect for tummy aches, muscle aches, keeping your feet warm on cold nights, or anytime you need a little comforting warmth or cooling.  They are easy and inexpensive to make.  Here's a tutorial.

Homemade Bath Salts:  Kathy, one of my regular readers, says she relies on this thrifty gift-giving idea.  Add essential oils to coarse salt and then pour into inexpensive containers.  Voila!  Here are instructions on how to make this elegant and yet inexpensive gift.  You can get plain Epsom salts at Dollar Tree for just a buck! 

 Wooden Pallet Sign:  I received a beautiful homemade wooden sign from special friends last year.  You can make a personalized version for under $3.00.   I found this tutorial from S & S Blog to be very easy-to-follow.

   Recycled Crayons in Fun Shapes:  If you have kids, you have a container with worn down or broken crayons.  Melting them into fun, new shapes is really popular right now and is such an easy DIY project!  You can get silicone molds at Amazon for just $16.00 for 8 different molds and free shipping.  Here's a tutorial on making the crayons to get you started.

Doodle or Activity Book:  Last year, one of my sons downloaded free images, used PowerPoint, added instructions and graphics, and then printed and collated it,  creating a wonderful doodle book for my youngest son.  Lots of fun and it was a personalized gift from his older brother! 

No Time for DIY?

No problem!  Here are more ideas!  

Card Games:  You can get simple card games from Dollar Tree for just a buck.  They are also readily available at Walmart or Amazon for $5 or less.  We routinely find board and card games at second hand stores as well.  Just check to be certain that all the parts are inside before buying. 

Coffee Cup:  Yep!  You can get some really attractive coffee mugs for $3 or less.  Check Dollar Tree for a great selection!  Add some herbal tea bags and a few small pieces of candy.  Then wrap in plastic wrap and tie with a pretty bow.

Discounted coffee:  This was a massive "score" this week when we found this premium Starbucks on clearance this week for about $3.00 a bag!  

Markers or crayons and a coloring book:  I loved getting new coloring supplies when I was a kid!  I got huge packs of 24 Sharpie markers and coloring books on clearance at Office Depot.  The markers were $5 and the coloring book was just $1.00.  But, if you watch back-to-school sales, you can easily stock up on colored pencils, markers, or crayons for well under $3.00! 

A pack of playing cards: Add a little booklet of various card games and their rules.  You can easily find game rules on the internet.  Cut and paste them into Word and then attractively package them to make a booklet of suggested card games.

A candle or scented wax melts.  You can find these at Dollar Tree or Big Lots for $3 or less.  These are from Hardin Candles are are available at Book Rack Used Books and Gifts

Nail polish and emory boards.  If you have a Sally Beauty Supply in your town, they carry these items very inexpensively. 

A journal and a pen:  I just found a really nice unlined journal this week at Mission Mart for $1.00! You can also purchase lined journals from Dollar Tree for just a buck! 

 Puzzles: One of my most pleasant childhood memories is putting puzzles together with my mother.  During cold weather, she kept a card table set up in a corner of the dining room and we spent many hours together finding just the right pieces.  You can get everything from 100 to 1000 pieces for under $3.00!  Be sure to schedule a "family puzzle day" with hot cocoa on a cold winter day!  

Magazine Subscriptions!  

(Okay, these aren't $3. But, close enough and a great deal, too!)  

A magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!  Right now Amazon has a number of magazines at fantastic prices.  These are print magazines, not digital copies. Some subscriptions are auto-renewal, which means that unless you plan to continue receiving (or giving) the magazine, you'll need to call and cancel the renewal.  Be sure to read the terms carefully. (These are affiliate links.  If you make a purchase, I will be compensated.) 

Taste of Home - 6 issues
AllRecipes - 6 issues
Midwest Living - 6 issues
Do it Yourself - 4 issues
Family Handyman - 9 issues
Reader's Digest - 10 issues
Reminisce - 7 issues (Larry and I subscribed to this magazine and loved it!)
Family Circle - 12 issues
Parents - 12 issues
The New Yorker - 12 issues (Weekly magazine - 3 month subscription!)  

Keep Those Ideas Coming!

I love having a listing of lots of creative and thrifty ideas to help families stay on budget this holiday season!  So, if you have any tips, leave them in the comments section below. 

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