Friday, November 16, 2018

Best Buys of the Week

This week it is definitely Aldi for the WIN!  I got all this for just over $15!

Produce Deals!

Most of the produce I bought were the "deals of the week".  These featured items are generally 50% off of their regular low price. 

  • The celery (which looked incredibly fresh!) was just 89¢ each
  • Navel Oranges - $2.19 for a four pound bag!
  • Yellow onions (regular price) - $1.39
  • Fresh cranberries (for orange cranberry muffins!) - $.99 a bag
  • Red Grapes - $.99 a pound


I seldom purchase cake mixes.  If I serve a cake at home, it's made from scratch and vegan.  But, these were marked down to just 39¢ each!  So, four of them made their way into my cart.  I'll use them this winter when we need to take something to parties.

Baking Supplies

I admit that I have lost total sense of whether vanilla is a good deal when I see it or not.  The reason is that vanilla prices have risen astronomically!  Seriously!  I think the last time I looked it was something like over $28 for a big bottle of vanilla at SAMS!  Holy cow!  When did this happen?

Consequently, since I knew I had a coupon and a gift card today, I got this small bottle at Aldi.  I hope I made the right choice.  Here are the baking items that I got. 

Vanilla - 2 oz. - $3.55
 Peanut Butter baking chips - $1.69 - for Christmas cookies
Old fashioned oats - $2.39 - for more cookies

The VERY Best Bargain I got!!

I can't remember the last time I saw baking potatoes for this cheap!  

Yes!  That is 10#!  And they were on sale for just $1.49 a bag!  No kidding!  I got TWO bags, even though I had just bought a ten pound bag last week for $2.99.  That's right!  I now have 30# of potatoes sitting on my kitchen counter!

What I spent:

Before coupons:  $30.60

After:  $5/$30 coupon and $10 Gift card from Grand Re-opening:  

TOTAL:  $15.60

Send me your potato recipe ideas!

Clearly, I'm going to need some inspiration to use up that 30# of spuds!  So, leave your recipe ideas in the comments section.  I'll be posting later, updating you on my progress of working through the potato pile.

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