Friday, September 28, 2018

Score BIG on $5 off 5 and Markdowns at Kroger

I scored some amazing deals this morning at Kroger!  I got all this for just $36.07!  Let's look at what I got, the coupons I used, and how you can duplicate what I did!


Friday Freebie!
YQ Lime yogurt from Yoplait.  This was FREE with the Freebie Friday coupon.  You can get the coupon at  Sign in and download the coupon to your Kroger loyalty card.  Hurry, though!  It's only available for download through the end of today!

$5 off of 5!

$5 off of combinations of 5 participating items
Kroger frequently offers $5 off of 5.  This means that when you buy any combination of the featured $5 for 5 products, you'll get $5 off of your transaction.  You must buy them in combinations of 5.  Today, I bought 10 items.  So, Kroger took $10 off of my bill.  I had a grocery list and kept track of how many of each item I bought next to that item.  My goal was to be certain that I bought 10 items.  Sadly, I messed up!  If you count the items in the photograph, you'll see that there are 11, not 10.  Drat!  Next time I'll keep closer track and be certain that I get exact multiples of 5.  

Kroger cheese - 2 at $2.49 each
Simply lemonade - 2 at $.99 each
Palmolive dish detergent - 3 at  $.99 each
Blue Diamond almond milk - 2  at $ 1.24 each (The price was $1.99 each, but I had a coupon that Kroger had sent me in the mail for $1.50 off when you purchase 2.  So, the final price was $1.24 each)
 Head and Shoulders Shampoo - 1 at $2.79 ( NOTE:  The price was $4.79 after the $5 off of 5 offer.  But, you can load a $2.00 off coupon onto your Kroger card right now.  You can use BOTH discounts, making the final price just $2.79)   
Colgate toothpaste - 6.2 oz. size - FREE after the $5 off of 5 offer and $2.00 off coupon which can be loaded onto your store loyalty card at the Kroger website.  

Friday/Saturday Only Deals:

Crest toothpaste just $.99 each Friday/Saturday ONLY!

Crest toothpaste - 6.2 oz. size just $.99 each - Friday and Saturday only.  You must load the coupon onto your Kroger card.  Watch carefully.  The shelves were not marked at $.99 and only certain kinds were included at the sale price.  I asked a store employee, who was wonderful and helped me.  So, when you load the coupon onto your card, then either write down the size and types included in the special $.99 coupon or consult your cell phone at the store for details. 



Yogurt and Caramel Apples for fantastic prices! 



Every kid needs a caramel apple!  

This is the second time we have found these on markdown!  This Oui yogurt is chocolate decadence!

Yay!  For the vegans - plant milk based yogurt on markdown for just $.99 each!


 I got it all for just $36.07.  I saved just over $25.59 - nearly 50%!  Follow the instructions in the post to save money just like I did!  Don't forget to grab that great deal on toothpaste either today or Saturday.  After that, the price goes up.  

If you haven't gone to and registered to download coupons each week to your store loyalty card, then do so today!  I didn't do it for a long time.  But, my readers convinced me it was worth the effort.  It IS!!  It doesn't take long and you'll be able to realize great savings right away. 

 Questions?  Shoot them my way and I'll try to answer them as best I can.

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