Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Best Deals of the Week

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted by best grocery store buys.  I must admit to you that it's because I have been going to the grocery store SOOOOOO many times each week just to grab whatever I needed to get by for a few more days.  Add to that the fact that I haven't been tracking the receipts for the past few weeks and I will most likely discover that I have a quandary on my hands when I actually work my way through that pile of receipts later this week and enter everything into Every Dollar.  I'll let you know how much unintentional damage I did.  It may mean a lean month in October as I try to re-balance the grocery budget.  Sigh!

Store #1:  Kroger

As it happens, I ran out of salad greens today and ran to Kroger to see if I could score some half-price greens.  There were no produce markdowns!  Drat!  But, as you can see from the photo, I did find some other really good markdowns.  

The Pringles chips were a treat for the boys and were on a cart marked "$.88 each - this cart only."   The sign said that both original and sour cream and onion varieties were available.  But, I found only original.   

The Compleats meal was the Friday freebie.  It was priced at over $3 without the coupon!  I seriously would NEVER pay this for a pre-fab meal of any kind!  But, for free it was fun for my youngest son to eat for lunch. 

This Noosa yogurt was reduced to $.99.  I got 6 of them.  Normally, I don't pay this for yogurt, but this was the mix-in kind, which has a topping to pour into the thick, creamy goodness.  The topping was cranberry, nuts, and honey granola.  I didn't eat it, but my boys said it was wonderful!   

The package of 8 gluesticks was clearance priced at $.89.  We always seem to need more gluesticks about half way through the school year.

What I spent:  $8.75  (Pretty good!) 


Store #2:  Big Lots

SAVINGS ALERT!!  I talked about my love of Big Lots in July in this post.   I told you all about their amazing 20% off everything in the store quarterly sales. The next 20% off weekend should be coming up in October!  If you live near a Big Lots, stay tuned!  As soon as I get word of the sale date, I'll pass the info on to you!

Another reason I like Big Lots is that once a week they mark down soon-to-expire items to rock bottom prices!  Be sure to ask your Big Lots employees when they do their markdowns.  You won't always find a lot, but what you do find will be at a terrific price!  It's always worth a quick look if you are near a Big Lots on "markdown day".  

Our store does their weekly markdowns on Tuesdays around noon.  That's why it was fortunate that I was passing by Big Lots right at noon today!  Yay!  I stopped by and here's what I got for half price. 

The bottle of white wine vinegar was just $1.00. 
The red lentil pasta was $1.75.   

I also scored the Motherload of Hunts tomato puree.  These are the large 28 ounce cans.  Do you see that lovely ribbon of writing across the front?  It says, "No salt!"  Yes!!!  It is hard to find no salt products that are not a premium price.  These were cheaper than my regular brand which I buy at Walmart for $1.50 a can.  I bought every can they had on the shelf - 13 of them.  I even had them go get their rolling stairsteps and climb up to empty the remaining cans from the top shelf for me.

Drum roll, please!  They were just $1.20 a can!  

What I spent:  $18.94


That's it! I hope to get my pile of grocery receipts entered into EveryDollar so that my next trip to the store can be a guilt-free one!

What were you best deals this week?  Leave your comments and encouragement below. 

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  1. Our little family of three is obsessed with Noosa yogurt and that is an awesome deal for the mix-in!

    1. We tried it at SAMS Club last weekend and it is incredibly rich, creamy, and thick! The kids are enjoying it very much! Now that I know how much they like it I'll be watching for it to go on the markdowns section again. Isn't it weird all the new kinds of yogurt there are to pick from now? We have French yogurt, Australian yogurt, Greek yogurt, and just plain yogurt. I will say that if you ever find the Oui French yogurt marked down, get it! The kind with chocolate shavings on the top is absolutely decadent!