Thursday, September 13, 2018

Clothing Hacks For Fall!

You don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks!  

When you live under the median you need to s-t-r-e-t-c-h every dollar and clothing can be expensive.  So, over the next few weeks I'm going to show you actual items from my wardrobe, tell you what I paid for each piece, and give tips on how you can save serious money on clothing!  I'm also going to tell what I have bought brand new and why I chose to spend more money on those items.

This week's tip 

Don't be afraid to shop used!  Here are links to some of my popular thrift store posts.  Ten tips for thrift store shopping.  And 40 items for $30: My Thrift Store Haul! 

You seriously cannot beat thrift store prices!  To prove it , I'll show you one of my fall outfits and tell you exactly what I paid for each item

The temps are beginning to drop and it's time to start

Layering for Fall

 It's still plenty warm outside.  But, I find that I need to take along something with a little sleeve to keep my arms warm.  So, this week we feature great fall colors with an extra layer of warmth.

Multi-colored blouse - 40¢ !

TIP:  Look for a base piece that can be worn with several colors and styles of lightweight jackets and sweaters. 

This sleeveless multi-colored blouse bought from Mission Mart's $5 bag sale.  I get an average of 13 - 15 items in each bag when I shop the $5 sale!  That's just 40¢ for this blouse. 


Long gray shrug - 40 cents!

I paired the colorful blouse with this great gray long shrug.  It dresses up the sleeveless blouse and makes it perfect for going out shopping or to eat.  I got it in the same bag at the Mission Mart $5.00 bag sale.  So, let's add another 40¢ to our total.

Brand new Liz Clayborne jeans - $3.50

The black jeans are Liz Claiborne.  They came from Mission Mart and were brand new.  The fact that they were a size smaller than I generally wear and fit me to a "T" made them instantly my new favorite jeans! I  paid $3.50 for them! 

Naturalizer gray suede shoes - $3.50!
The gray/green suede Naturalizer shoes were also a Mission Mart find.  I don't think they had ever been worn! There was not one mark on the heels and they were also $3.50. I love, love, love them!

Two Alternatives for more warmth:

White cotton woven sweater

Coldwater Creek-new with tags!

 Both the white cotton sweater and linen jacket were bought at (you guessed it!) the $5.00 bag sale at Mission Mart.  The Coldwater Creek linen jacket still had tags on it!  So add 80¢ to our total 




What did I spend for all six pieces?  Just $8.60!!


  My Necklace

You notice I did not mention my necklace.  I saved it for last.  I do occasionally buy new merchandise.  Sometimes you have to weigh out how much you love a piece, how many different ways you can wear it, and if the purchase goes to support a cause that you feel strongly about.  This necklace is a solid "yes' to all three of those criteria. 
This beautiful necklace is made from paper beads.  It is incredibly light weight and very versatile.  You can double fold it, triple fold it, or twist  and secure it with a necklace extender.  I'm wearing it in the photo tripled. As you can see, it's a very long string of beads.  One of my favorite pieces, it is priced at $38.00 and comes from Noonday. 

Noonday partners with artisans from third world countries and through fair trade practices makes it possible for them to become self sustainable.  Many of these artisans are single mothers, who then provide employment for many others in their communities.  I love buying from a company with such a noble and life-changing purpose!  Their collection of jewelry, bags, and accessories is stunning!


You won't see me post links to products or services that I do not truly believe in!   

I love Noonday's heart for serving others and helping promote dignity and self-sustainability.  Yes, some items are quite expensive.  But, I added them to the post because I believe so fully in their mission.  They also always have a great sale and clearance section that you can check out when you click on the link.  This section may very well allow you to stay within your budget and still help, love, and support others who are less fortunate. 

My dear friend, Andrea, is a representative for Noonday.  I love so many of their pieces!!
You can click on this link to see the entire collection.

If you dig my long paper bead necklace as much as I do, then you can check it out at this link:

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