Saturday, September 8, 2018

Deals of the Week

 I must admit to spending the past couple of weeks heading to the store far more often than I'd like and just picking up small amounts of what I need. Whenever you do not shop intentionally with a written list and use the sales flyer, you will spend more money and wind up with fewer basic ingredients. 

That brings us to this weekend.  I finally looked at ads, wrote a list, and headed to HyVee and Krogers for some great deals!

Store #1:  Kroger

I'm going to throw a photo out there.  This is a fantastic deal!  I didn't buy it since I don't eat meat.  But,  if you want a super price on meat, then here you go!

Buy 1 - get 1 free on family sized chuck steak packages!  Since the regular price is $5.99 a pound, this amounts to a 50 percent discount or just $3.00 a pound!  

If you have a small family it is so easy to cut each roast into smaller pieces and freeze them.  If you are not going to freeze it immediately, throw it all in a crockpot, shred it, and then freeze in small recipe-sized packages.  Whatever you do, don't freeze, thaw, and then re-freeze.  This leaves it too prone to pathogens. 

So, what did I buy?  A lot!  What I spent:  JUST $30.00!!!!

Organic Kroger brand Simple Truth almond milk: on sale this week for $2.49 each.  But, you can add an additional $.50 coupon on your store loyalty card.  It brought the price down to just $1.99 per half gallon!   You could get this price for up to 5 of them.  I got five! 

Simple Truth organic canned beans:  The 4 packs of organic beans were the same deal!  They were already on sale, but there was an additional coupon you could load onto your loyalty card, making the price just $.69 per can!  For organic beans this is a great price! You could use the coupon up to 5 times.  

Kroger sour cream and dips: 16 oz.  for just $1.00  each!
Kroger cream cheese:  $1.00 each!

Grapes!  Choose your color!  It is unusual when they put red, green, and black grapes all on sale at the same time for the same price.  It's like the perfect trifecta!  Well, it's happened this week!  They are all just $.79 a pound!  Go get 'em!  They are on sale at Kroger through Tuesday night at midnight!  We got two bags - one red and one black.  We'll be back on Tuesday for one more run at this price, before the new ad begins on Wednesday morning.

This is my plug for Kroger natural peanut butter.  Look at that label!  Just two ingredients:  peanuts and salt!  That's it!  The natural oils separate to the top of the jar.  But, it takes less than 2 minutes to stir it all in when you first open the jar.  It's on sale this week for just $1 a jar!!


Don't forget to check the Kroger Marked down aisle for great bargains!  Today I found Goya canned beans for $.59 each and 1 pound boxes of Barilla rotini pasta for just $.49 each. 

Store #2:  HyVee
  Time for the truth!  


We headed to HyVee Friday evening after the first day of our co-op classes.  It had been a long day and the kids were ready to celebrate the first day back to the regular school-year routine.  So, we bought two of their family-size pizzas.  They were on sale for $8.99 each!  For no extra charge, their hot food department will perfectly bake your pizzas for you while you wait.  After multiple attempts to cook them at home, with dubious results, we now opt to stroll for 15 or 20 minutes and wait for their perfect-every-time cooked pizzas. You can call ahead too and they will have them hot, ready, and waiting for you if you don't have any other shopping to do.  It's cheaper than carry out.  They also  have a regular rotation of coupons on pizza and soda.  Be sure to ask about coupon deals if you call in your order.

While waiting for our pizza, my 10 year old, the one with the irresistible smile, talked me into a carton of Blue Bunny brownie chocolate ice cream.  He was unaware that I knew it was on sale!  But, it made me look like a really great mom, nevertheless.  

We also hit up their discount cheese bin for some $1.51 dill havarti and grabbed three cartons of cottage cheese on sale for $.69 each.  On our way back to the pizza department, we spied this display! 

It's sometimes hard to score consistently fantastic prices on household items.  I like this deal for several reasons.  Let's begin with the label:  

1.  It is 100 ounces.  That's a lot of name-brand detergent.

2.  It is free of dyes and perfumes.  It's dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.  Some of my kids can be a little sensitive to the additives in detergents.  So, I have used Tide free and clear detergent before and I am hoping that Arm & Hammer is just as clean from possible irritants.  In fact, I was banking on it being an effective detergent.  I bought 4 of them!  I'll let you know how it does. 

3.  The price is fantastic!  It was $4.99 with a coupon for an additional $1.00 off attached to each bottle.

4.  This week, it is a gas perks item.  So, if you have the HyVee gas card, you can take $.10 off a gallon for purchasing one of these.

What I got: 

2-  family sized pizzas  = $8.99 each
1-  carton of truly decadent ice cream = $3.88
3 - 8 oz. containers of cottage cheese = $.69 each
1 - slab of dill havarti cheese from the marked down cheese bin = $1.51
4 - 100 oz. bottles of Arm & Hammer Laundry detergent = $3.99 each - PLUS $.10 per gallon on the gas perks card! 



  I want to hear your thoughts!

 I don't use fuel saver points at HyVee.  Maybe I should.  After all, I didn't use my Kroger card points either, until you all set me straight a few months ago.  It was you, my readers, who enlightened me to the wonders of the Kroger fuel card savings!  Thank you!  So, maybe I should think about the HyVee card too.  So, somebody tell me, what's up with the HyVee card?  I understand to look for the weekly items on which the fuel points will accrew.  But, I don't regularly purchase many of the items that are listed on the weekly flyer as being eligible for the fuel points that week.  So, dish to me!  Do you use this card?  Do you find it helpful in saving money on gas?

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  1. I believe it is 150 oz., which is even better! Great finds:)

    1. Oh, hey, you're right! I saw the "100 loads" and thought that was the ounces. Next time I gotta put on my bifocals before typing a post! Now I feel even better about the deal! LOL! Thanks for the correction