Saturday, September 29, 2018

My Big Lots 20% Off Deals

My Big Lots Haul
I got gift, personal care, bread, and food bargains galore at the Big Lots 20% off sale.  We spent a total of $77.42. 

We also scored something special and unexpected, which I'll show you at the end of this post.

Bread Products:


Tortillas:  Each package contains 10 flour tortillas.  $.80 each - which is $.20 cheaper than Aldi!

Nature's Own Whole Wheat bread:  It should have been $1.12, but I was overcharged by $1.43.  I'm trying to decide if it's really worth taking back the receipt on one of their busiest days of the year.  I generally watch pretty carefully when the cashier is ringing up the items.    Dollar Tree carries this same name brand bread for $1.00 a loaf.  But, I was already there, so, I bought it while at Big Lots. 

Personal Care

Yardley Oatmeal and Almond Soap:  3 pack.  I got three packages for $2.64 each. 
Speed Stick Regular deodorant:  3 sticks for $1.60 each. 
Suave Professionals Rosemary and Mint Shampoo.  We've gotten this exact brand before and love it!  These were the large 28 oz. bottles for just $3.20 each. 
Hair Scrunchies - pack of 32 thin ones for $2.00.  


Fresh Finds Purified Drinking Water:  Fresh Finds is Big Lots' house brand.  Each case contained 24 bottles of water and was $2.00 each.  

Canned Vegetables 

 Check out the name brand no-salt canned vegetables!  I bought 6 of each kind.  Generally no-salt comes at a premium price, but at Big Lots' 20% off Friends and Family Weekend!

Hunts Tomato Sauce: $.28 each. 
Del Monte Canned Corn: $.80 each.  

Fresh Finds Brand


As I mentioned, Fresh Finds is Big Lots' house brand and I've always been very satisfied with both the quality and the price of these items.  

Pure cane sugar #4 bags -  $1.60 each 
Mustard:  $.80 each
Spices:  $.80 each  - I got six of them:  thyme, oregano, sage, dill, and 2 bay leaves
Vinegar:  1 gallon for $1.60.  I use it for both cooking and cleaning. 


Golden Harvest raw and unfiltered honey.  3 pounds for $8.00.  I pondered whether this was a good price for raw/unfiltered honey.  But, just in case it was, I went ahead and got it. 


Four Sisters Coffee - expresso roast.  1 pound for $4.00.  I have NO idea what this is like. But, hey, it was worth the gamble.  

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix:  $3.00

Under the Stairs Light:  $4.80

Play Dough:  24 pack.  $5.60.  I set this aside as a Christmas gift for my 10 year old.  It already marked on Clearance and they took an additional 20 % off for today's sale.  

Our BIG Purchase:

We had set aside $500 for a new patio set and looked in vain all season long.  Patio furniture is expensive!  When we walked into Big Lots they had just one set left at 50% off.  There is a cover for the middle that allows you to use it as a table.  The top surface is stone.  This is a stock photo because our chairs are still in a huge box, awaiting assembly tomorrow after church.  Even though it was already marked down from $600 to $300 dollars, they took an additional 20% off for Friends and Family Weekend.  We walked away with a set just like this one for just over $250 including tax!  Since Big Lots offers their reward members $10 back for each $100 spent on furniture, we will receive an additional $20 reward from Big Lots in the next few weeks!  Yay! We even have money left over to purchase a large free-standing market umbrella to give us shade while we are dining on the patio. 

Get Your Own Big Lots Deals on Sunday!

Everyone saves 20% on Sunday!  No Rewards Card needed!  Begin shopping at 8am in store or on-line.  You'll need to print off this coupon before you leave home to get the 20% savings.  On the website the 20% off will automatically be applied.   Here's a link to the website. 

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