Tuesday, September 18, 2018

More Fall Clothing Hacks!

Welcome to the second installment of Outfit of the Week, where I show you how to dress like a million bucks without spending a million.  This week I give you three more easy, inexpensive hacks for saving big money on clothing.  In case you missed it, here is a link to part 1 of this series. 

TIP #1:  Shop off season!


Check out this navy blue lacy top that I got just a couple of weeks ago at SAMS.  It was clearance priced at just $3.00!   The sign right next to it read, "Priced for end-of-the-season clearance!" 

Don't shop for sweaters in the fall!  Instead, consider the fact that in September you can score fantastic bargains on summer sandals, bathing suits, sundresses, and both sleeveless and short-sleeved blouses and shirts.

In the spring, just switch your strategy around the other way and shop for boots, hats, gloves, mittens, coats, and sweaters. In late January or early February, the stores are brimming with all the new spring and summer items and the prices of winter overstock drops like a rock.  When you have kids you have to be willing to take a risk on sizes.  A few times I have failed to forecast their rate of growth accurately and wound up with items that either didn't fit or they grew out of after about two weeks of wear.  But, really it didn't happen too often and when my rate of savings  on each item averaged 75% off of the retail price, it was more than worth the occasional sizing mishap. 

TIP #2:  Casual to Formal

Look for pieces that will take you easily from casual to formal in a just a few quick and easy steps.  

Sophisticated casual

 Here I am ready for a day of shopping or coffee with friends.  I paired the new blue blouse with a blue beaded necklace, black jeans, and navy blue pumps.  

Ready for business
I changed out the black jeans for a navy blue skirt and the blue beaded necklace for pearl.  (Side note: My amazing husband got me the string of pearls for our 30th wedding anniversary in June!)   I kept the navy blue pumps and you can see them a lot more effectively with the skirt than you can with the jeans.  In five minutes I went from a casual day with friends to heading to a business meeting.  It's that easy with the right core pieces! 

TIP #3:  Get a navy blue or black pencil skirt!  

A plain navy blue or black skirt should be one of the backbone pieces of any wardrobe.  Pencil skirts are slim line skirts, which fall at or just below the knee.  They give a slimming professional look and are readily available at your local thrift store, but can also be found very inexpensively brand new.  You can change the coordinating colors and accessories in any number of ways and achieve a whole new look!


To show you how inexpensive it is to find these items even brand new, here are links to some navy blue skirts and navy blue lacy tops that I found on Amazon for very reasonable prices and free shipping!

The lace is at the bottom of this comfortable and yet elegant navy blue blouse.  It comes in sizes from small all the way up to XXXL!  A fantastic deal with free shipping!

This one is SO similar to my clearance find!  The color looks like it is maybe a little lighter, but the lace is at the top and nearly identical to mine.

Elastic waist and Value Priced with free shipping! 

Super cute flair at the bottom and a tailored waistline with a zippered back!

 Here's one last possibility.  It's a little longer than knee length and has a little flair, making it more of an A-line skirt. But, it's still offered at a fantastic price.


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  1. I was shocked when I decided to look at Walmart on their clearance racks and saw several that had it posted $1.00!! I got 2 pairs of shorts and 2 capris for $4 plus tax!! I was beyond ecstatic.The next time I went in everything was gone.I was definitely in the right place at the right time

    1. What amazing deals! Right place, right time, indeed!!