Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dressing Semi-formal for Just Pennies!

My husband and I were recently invited to a semi-formal dinner to celebrate a special occasion for some dear friends.  I dressed "to the nines" and we had a lovely time reveling with the other guests.  It brought to mind that I wanted to give you super hacks for formal dressing for just pennies on the dollar!  Anyone can do it and you won't have to spend a million to look like a million.

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I made you a special video.  It's full of lots of quick, easy ideas and tips for saving money on dressing for formal and semi-formal occasions.  I show you every piece, tell you what I paid, and tell you how to recreate the same look.  Here's a link for the video.  Check it out and then head back here for photos, links, and even more tips! This post also gives you additional concepts not covered in the live video. 

  Put your hair up. 

 It lengthens your neck and makes you look thinner.  You can also show off your shiny earrings and necklace to their best advantage!

Wear more dramatic make up.

You will most likely be in candlelight for at least some of the night.  You can darken that eyeshadow and use a brighter shade of lipstick than you generally do. 

  Paint your nails.

With all the tutorials available on YouTube, nail polish is a cheap and easy way to add glam to your ensemble!   

Spend money on one statement piece.

 The piece I wore for our special evening was from Noonday.

 I originally mentioned Noonday in this post, but I'll reiterate that I love this company's mission.  They partner with artisans from third world countries and through fair trade practices makes it possible for them to become self sustainable. An added bonus is that their collection of jewelry, bags, and accessories is stunning! There's a link to their website at the end of this article. 

  Go with a basic black skirt and a black shell 

2 black shells - 1 with glitter and 1 plain
Buy these instead of a dress.  Why?
  • It gives you much more versatility.  
  • It's cheaper.  
  • You can change the look by changing the shell, jacket, and accessory colors.

Calf length plain black skirt

  Borrow some glam!

 That's right!  Use your "phone a friend" option and ask your friends if you can borrow their fancy black jacket or glittery necklace and earrings.  Do be sure to return it promptly along with a note of appreciation. 

Shop right after Christmas and New Year's Eve.


I paid less than $3 for each jacket!
 The end of the year brings with it parties, special occasions, and open houses.  Glittery black and gold clothing is prominently displayed in shop windows and on mannequins.  Those same prices on glitzy jackets, scarves, and accessories drop to bottom dollar right after after Christmas and New Year's Eve.  Stop by during the first two weeks of January and keep an eye on those sale tags.  

Thrift stores follow suit, in a way.  They, too, showcase these items before Christmas and New Year's Eve.  Unlike traditional stores, you need to check the prices both before and after the party season.  I have found racks of formal black clothing marked to half price before New Years Eve.  But, you might also find those same items marked down after the holidays.  So, keep a watchful eye and if you see the perfect item, snatch it up before someone else finds it! 

Add high heels and show those toes!

These classy heels by Nina were brand new and I found them at the Mission Mart for under $5.00!

 The Holidays are seriously around the corner!

Here are some links to give you a head start on this year's parties!

Silky, satiny and it zips up the back.  Priced at $23.99 with free shipping.  

 This is identical to the wrap that I wore in the video!  It is priced at $14.49 with free shipping.

Sofiya wrap bracelet

Here's a link to the Noonday Sofiya wrap bracelet.  Yes, the necklace that I am wearing in the video is actually a wrap bracelet made in India.  The glass beads are accented in gold trim and the cleverly designed clasp is adjustable.  It can wrap around your wrist three times or serve as a very nice necklace as well.  I love items with multiple uses!  You'll find the entire Noonday Collection at this link.  My dear friend, Andrea, is a Noonday ambassador and she will take good care of you. 

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