Monday, October 8, 2018

October - Week 1 - Best Buys

 The first week of October is in the rearview mirror.  If you remember, I was very lax in recording my grocery expenses during September.  The result was that I had no money left on September 29th for Big Lots Quarterly 20% off Friends and Family Weekend.  I had expected this event to happen during the first weekend of October, not September.  So, I made the decision to go ahead and stock up at the Big Lots sale, putting every penny on October's food budget. Here's a link to my post detailing all the great deals I got at the sale

This has left me with a limited budget for October.  I promised that I would show you what I bought each week at the store for my precious $75 a week and tell you what I intend to do with each item.

I didn't do a lot of store loss-leaders this week.  Kroger didn't have any deals that inspired me.  This is a little unusual, since Kroger is generally a weekly stop for me.  Let's take a look at where I did go and what I bought.  

Store #1:  Mediterranean Mart


I've told you about my love of this local ethnic store in several posts.  Check out this post for more information on why I frequent this amazing jewel in the center of town.   I told you last week that the owner, Sieed, had offered to order 50# of farina for me.  When I called on Thursday, he told me that he had found a better deal for me on 2# bags.  This is one thing that I particularly like about this local establishment.  Sieed always has the best interests of his customers in mind, even if that means selling them a less expensive product!  So, I headed in, buying a case of 12 - 2 pound bags of cream of wheat.
Our breakfast choices alternate between steel cut oats and cooked farina.  We have found this to be the least expensive way to feed a large family first thing in the morning.  if you have leftover steel cut oats, try my recipe for grain loaf. 

Every Thursday morning Sieed has fresh breads and produce straight from the markets in Chicago!  This is the best flat bread in the area!  You may not be able to tell from the photo, but there are two flatbreads in this package.  Each is 16 inches in diameter and the price was just $3.50!  Seriously!  Isn't that an amazing price?  Sieed has flatbread in every size  and the price absolutely can't be beat!  

 I threw these beauties on two pizza pans and spread on some homemade pizza sauce.  To one I added caramelized onions and peppers, pineapple, and cheese.  The second pizza had chicken, pineapple, and cheese.  I made both the vegetarians and the meat-eaters super happy and it was so easy!!

What I spent:  $ 27.65

Store #2:  Aldi

Time for the basics.  Bread, milk, and eggs.  My non-vegans like their eggs and pour milk on their Sunday evening bowl-of-cereal supper.  They can empty an entire box in one sitting!  That would explain why my kids don't get boxed breakfast cereal except for Sunday evening supper.  It's just too expensive.

What I spent:  $4.95


Store #3 - Gordon Food Service (GFS)

Bulk cocoa -  5# bags -$14.99 each
bananas - 3# - $1.49
6 inch corn tortillas - 200 count - $ 4.29

 Five pound bags of cocoa.  I know!  It seems extreme.  However, I stock up just once a year.  I don't cook a lot of sweet things.  But, when I do it generally involves involves chocolate.  If you buy the little 8 oz. tins of Hersey's cocoa, you are going to spend a fortune!  The least expensive bulk bag I have found is at GFS.  Each 5# bag is $14.99.   That's the equivalent of paying just $1.50 for an 8 ounce tin.  That's cheap!!  I bought two bags because holiday baking season is coming up soon.  My friends and neighbors may be receiving chocolate bread for Christmas.  I'll post photos when I get them made.  If you are a friend or neighbor who is reading this, disregard this information and act surprised when you open your gift.  😀

What I spent:  $36.12



This is really good, given the fact that I did not think that I would be able to add the expense for the bulk cream of wheat into my estimated $75 a week for groceries.  So, I'm delighted that it fit nicely into my first week's $75 grocery budget!   

Hang with me as I feed my family of five for just $75 a week for the month of October.  My oldest is headed home from college for break this next week.  Yay! I can't wait!  That means our family size will swell from 5 to 6 for about 10 days of the month.

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