Sunday, October 14, 2018

$75 October Groceries - Week #2 - Best Deals of the Week

It's week #2 of my October $75 a week grocery budget and I was sick for, literally five days!  I was in bed with a fever for most of the week.  It was awful!  So, I emerged to whatever my husband had done with the food and the kitchen.  It wasn't pretty! He had sent one of my sons to the store with instructions to buy "Sandwich supplies."  I found lunch meat and American cheese slices in my fridge.  This is clearly not our regular fare.  When the week-long "brain fog"of fever-induced misery had lifted,  I quickly did damage control, made a list, grabbed my $75 bucks, and headed to the store with my two sous chefs!

Here's what we got!

Store #1:  HyVee

Sale items:

Grapes - 2 bags at $.77 a pound!  Great deal!  They had both red and black grapes on sale!
Corn - NO SALT! - 6 cans - priced at just 3/$1.00!  It was limit 6 or I would have gotten more!
Spring Water - 2 cases - 24 bottles in each case - priced at 2/$5.00

Mark downs:

I found quick, cheap, and flavorful items to spread on tortillas OR top baked potatoes!

 Bellavitano Citrus Ginger cheese - $2.45 - In the marked down basket!
Sabra White Bean Dip - $2.00 - Any time you see these marked down they are worth a look! 

What I spent:  $15.28

Store #2:  Aldi

Weekly Sale Items:

Oranges - 3 pounds - 2 bags - $2.19 each

Regular priced Items: 

Grape Jelly - 2 jars - $1.29 each 
Flour Tortillas - 10 count - 3 bags - $.99 each
Salsa - medium hotness - $1.19
Yogurts - 5 - assorted flavors - $.35 each
Bread and Butter Pickles - $1.39
Tortilla chips - dippers! - 3 bags - $.89 each  

What I spent:  $17.10

Store #3:  Kroger


Sale Items:

Private Selection Ice Cream - 32 oz. - 1 carton - $1.99 -  FRIDAY/SATURDAY ONLY! 
Kroger French Onion Dip - 2 cartons - $1.25 each

$5/5 Deals: 

Honey Nut Cheerios - 2 boxes - $1.29 each! 
       (Price calculated: after $1.00 off PLUS a $1.00/2 coupon downloaded onto my Kroger card) 
Kroger shredded cheese - 32 oz. - 2 packages - $4.99 each
       (For my meat and dairy eaters:  Put it in a bowl, pass it, they can add it and I can ignore it.) 
Colgate Toothpaste - 1 tube FREE!
      (Price calculated:  after $1.00 off PLUS a $2.00 coupon downloaded onto to Kroger card)
Kraft - ranch salad dressing - 2 bottles - $.99 each!
     (Price calclulated:  after $1.00 off of purchase of 5 participating items)
 Juicy Juice - cherry - 1 bottle - $1.00!
      (Price calclulated:  after $1.00 off of purchase of 5 participating items)
Dave's Killer Bread - 2 loaves - $3.79 each
     (Price calclulated:  after $1.00 off of purchase of 5 participating items)
    (Dave's is one of the few brands of bread that I will eat!  Organic, whole food ingredients!) 

If you add up the total number of items I bought in this category, you will see that it is: 10.
This means that at check out, $10 was deducted from my final bill!!  Great savings!


Fresh sugar snap peas - 2 pounds - 1 package - $3.99

Friday Freebie:

Uncle Ben's Meal Ready Rice - 1 package - FREE
Bumble Bee Lemon and Pepper Tuna Pack - 1 package - FREE 

Don't forget to download your weekly freebie every Friday onto your Kroger card! 

What I spent:  $32.08 

TOTAL:  $64.46

Another week of staying nicely within budget.  Granted, I still have my huge weekly box of goodness arriving every Saturday morning from our local CSA membership.  When I try to pull this same $75 per week grocery budget trick in January, you'll see me getting VERY creative in using what I have on hand and eating only what I can find on sale or clearance.

I'll take photos this week to show you what we ate and what I did with my $75 grocery haul!  

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