Sunday, July 29, 2018

This Week's CSA Box: Mid Summer Magic!

I love being a CSA member!  There is an incredible thrill in picking up our weekly box.  It's like  getting a present:  you ever know what wonderful treats await you until you open the box and take out each fruit or vegetable one at a time and lay it on the table .  Then, I immediately begin to envision my menu plan for the week!

In this week's post we will focus on simple recipes, showcasing the fresh flavors of summer! 

Here's what we got!

Three summer squash - notice the three distinct colors!  This makes me super happy!
1 bunch of carrotts
Red potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Green peppers - I think 1 of them looks like a hot green pepper
6 tomatoes
5 cucumbers
8 ears of sweet corn

What I'm going to do with it:


Spicy Sweet Potatoes:  Take advantage of this week's forecast of slightly cooler temperatures to turn the oven on for a short time.  This recipe calls for roasting three sweet potatoes with a spicy outer coating. 

Garlic oregano zucchini:   Once again, this recipe is super simple, but amazingly yummy!  This week's colorful squash will look perfect in this dish!

Garden cucumber tomato salad: Just like grandma used to make!  Easy too!  Just cut the veggies and add a simple sugar and vinegar dressing.  Marinate and serve!  It uses green pepper, cucumbers, and tomatoes from the CSA box.  

Sweet corn and zucchini fritters:  grated zucchini and corn fresh from the cob are combined in a simple batter.  Pour onto a non-stick skillet and cook just like pancakes.  This recipe will use some of our zucchini and 2 cobs of corn.  I made this for supper Saturday night.  I used egg substitute and soy milk to make mine vegan.  The recipe made 16 nice sized fritters.  (The photo is of my finished fritters).  When it comes to toppings, think spicy-sweet.  I topped mine with the mango-peach salsa that I mentioned in this post

Carole's Crowder Peas:   This recipe features several of the items from this week's box in a thick stew-like creation.  Cornbread and a salad make it a complete supper.  I'll be using some of the red potatoes, green peppers, and carrots from the box.  

 Keep watching!  Later this week I'll be doing a review of crowder peas.  I'll share reflections and recommendations for using for this Southern favorite.

That's it!  Have a great week!

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