Saturday, July 28, 2018

Our Food: Does Presentation Matter?

I have always believed in the old adage, "We eat with our eyes."  Presentation can make the difference between a meal which is eaten with gusto and enjoyment by your family and a meal that gets a "so-so" rating. I have always enjoyed a huge degree of satisfaction in artfully arranging and presenting food.   I am a visual person.  If you put a hotdog on a pretty china dish, it looks as attractive as filet mignon.  Okay, maybe not.  But, it will taste better to you and help you remember that while living under the median you are saving money to be able to afford filet mignon.

I recently began to think about writing this post when I found these great bowls at Salvation Army for just $2.99 for the entire set!  Returning home, I immediately placed them on my antique Sellers cabinet and filled them with fresh produce.


Looking at them, I felt a wave of inspiration and creativity.



 It turns out that when it comes to our food, presentation does matter.  A 2014 article in The Guardian, highlighted a study which "adds to a growing body of evidence that the appearance and presentation of food can affect the dining experience. "

This article from 2017 on The National Lifestyle website explains that top chefs often first find a new plate and then create a recipe to serve on it. Dessert served on white china is perceived by taste testers to be sweeter than the very same one served on a black plate.  Diners said they would pay 30% more for salads, which were arranged artistically.

Am I telling you to buy new dishes?



No!  I am telling you to not let your limited grocery budget limit your creativity!  My $2.99 set of bowls is giving me much enjoyment!  I have used them nearly every single day since I bought them.  I have discovered that when I married color with an attractive arrangement of food, it increased my personal pleasure.  Best yet, my family has also noticed!  I've received more "Mom, this is good" and more "make this again" since I began investing just a few more minutes on presentation.

Living under the median, whenever I find something that doesn't cost me any extra money and requires very little additional time, I go for it - especially if it makes my family happier and more satisfied.  

Give it a try!  

I'd love to see your creations!  Leave photos in the comments section below!

Happy eating!

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