Friday, July 6, 2018

Amazing Deals! This Week's Best Buys!

Nearly my entire Kroger order is this week's best buys! 

I just got back from Kroger and had to send you a quick shout out of the fantastic deals that I scored today at Kroger!  I have discovered that often when someone in a different locale sends out a Kroger great deal alert, the same markdowns appear in my local Kroger.  So, even if you don't live in Central Illinois, it's worth a trip to your local Kroger to see if they have similar markdowns and deals. 


Here were the markdowns! 

Kroger Cottage cheese - $.59 each!  I got 4
Organic spring mix-1 pound - $2.99.   PLUS, I also used a $.75 coupon Kroger sent me in the mail!  
Cage free brown eggs - $1.29 a dozen
Whole wheat hamburger buns - $.50
Small bagels - $1.69
Large bagels - $1.69
Organic whole chicken - $8.71 - PLUS, I used a $1.50 coupon Kroger sent me in the mail!
Bamboo spoons - 1 package - $1.29

It is worth the time to check the markdown areas at your Kroger.  Items which are close to expiration and generally marked down daily.   They are done in the produce, dairy, meat, and bakery departments.  Sometimes the items appear on the shelves where they are generally found, with the big yellow tag the only designation of their markdown status.  Other times, there is a specific area in which markdowns are displayed. 

Ask the staff at your Kroger what time of day the markdowns are done.  Then you can find that 'sweet spot" time to visit.  At my Kroger around 11:30am seems to yield the biggest volume of markdowns.  

Produce Markdowns

Look for the special rack of red bags on an endcap in the produce section at your Kroger.

You will need to touch the items and really check them over for blemishes and soft spots!
But, sometimes you can find perfectly good fruit and vegetables marked down to a bargain price!  

Red Bag Produce Deals

Here's what I got:

1 bag of peppers - 2 green and 1 yellow
1 bag of yellow potatoes
1 bag of 7 apples
1 bag of onions - yellow and red
1 bag of tomatoes

Four Day Sale and Regular Sale Items

Four day sale items:

Download coupons for the four day sale items to your store loyalty card.  You can use each coupon up to five times on each sale item. 

Butter! - $1.99 each - I got 3 pounds.
Philly cream cheese - $1.00 cach - I bought 3.
 Solid white tuna - $1.00 each when you buy 2 cans - I used the coupon twice and got 4 cans.

Regular sale items:

Avocados - $.69 each - I got 6. 
Strawberries - 2 pounds - $1.97 each - I got 4 pounds and may go back to get more before they go off sale.  

Regular Price!

I admit to actually buying two items that were neither on sale, nor did I have coupons for them.  I know!  GASP!  

I got egg roll wraps to make my egg rolls later this week.  See this post for a link to the recipe.
I also got Larry 1 pound of spinach for $1.79.  

Other than that, every item I bought was on sale, marked down, or I had coupons. 

My total:  $52.45!  


What were your best scores at the store this week?

Post below in the comments section so we can all be inspired and celebrate together!

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