Friday, May 25, 2018

This Week's Best Buys!

What Were the Best Buys I Found at the Store This Week? 

A.K.A - Feeding a family on just $320 a Month!   

In preparation for my big June food budget challenge, I decided to show you this week's amazing food deals!  I have been trying to stretch my May grocery budget to stock up on some items that I will use during June.  These are just my best deals, not my entire grocery haul. 

This is all a part of my quest to cut my family's budget by 25 percent!

I was so excited about my grocery store finds this week!  

Orecchiette Pasta:  $1.00 a pound on clearance at HyVee

This specialty pasta usually comes at a premium price.  The translation from the Italian means "little ears".  I've used it before and this pasta presents beautifully!  Taking it to a summer potluck makes you feel fancy!  At $1.00 a pound, it was a great deal!

EDIT!  Okay, I had to edit this post right before I published it!  I could, literally, hear that pasta calling my name last night when I was getting supper ready.  Two pounds of it was destined to be covered with my special homemade squash sauce!  Here's a link to the post that tells you how to make it. 

See?  It does present beautifully! 😋 No worries.  There are still two pounds of pasta left to use in June.   By the way, I have been creating in the kitchen with my 13 year old sous chef!  We have some exciting, brand new Cheap Eats recipes to share during my June Food Budget Challenge! 

Bacon:  $2.88 a pound at HyVee

The meat-eaters in my family are super excited.  I haven't bought bacon in, literally, years!  But, $2.88 a pound seemed like a great price.  Although I don't eat meat, my son's southern belle loves bacon.  So, I got two pounds and stuck it in the freezer.  When she comes to visit in June, Melanie and I will combine the bacon with some of the orecchiette pasta and a creamy sauce for pasta carbonara.  

Kroger Purified Drinking Water:  $1.99 for 32 bottles  



This amazing deal was Saturday only.  We had not digitally downloaded the coupon.  But, a wonderful fellow-shopper overheard us whining about not being able to take advantage of the deal.  "No worries," she said, "Just tell them at the checkout.  They have a code that they will scan so you can get the deal."  We tried it and it worked just like she said!  Yay!  You could get up to five at this price.  We got two (and I now wish we had gotten more.)  

Cottage Cheese:  $.69 at HyVee 



We had to show our gas-saver's card to get this deal.  Even though stores use loyalty cards to track your spending, I still think they are worth signing up for and using.  It was limit one.  But, since my 13 year old sous-chef son had to get some major oral surgery done on Wednesday and was limited to soft foods for 48 hours, this was something that he could certainly eat.  I feel so bad for him.  But, the orthodontist assures us that this is the only way to try to save the tooth.  

Organic English Breakfast Tea:  $.99 each on clearance at SAMS



I've been keeping my eyes on these for a while now.  SAMS has been slowly reducing the price.  In fact, I bought two packages when they were not quite so low.  But, when I walked in this week and saw them reduced to this bargain-basement price, I bought SIX of them!  There are 100 tea bags in each box.  We love sun tea and these will allow us to quench our thirst all summer long. 

That's it!  My five best buys!  What about you?  Have you found amazing deals this week?  Comment below and let us all know.  So, we can celebrate successes at the grocery store together!

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