Monday, May 28, 2018

How I'm Getting Ready for My June Challenge!

 June 1st is just days away and I am getting nervous!!! 

I'm super excited to share my June Journey with you all.  

As the first of June gets ever nearer, I'd like to remind you of my four June budget goals and then tell you how I will update you about my progress on each goal throughout the month of June.

These goals were born out of my quest to cut our family budget by twenty-five percent

My June Budget Challenges!

  1.  Simplify meals and utilize bulk cooking strategies. 

  • I'll be concentrating on entrees that are filling and go a long way. 
  •  NEW recipes!!  Cheap Eats!  I have been in the kitchen with my amazing 13 year old sous chef son creating some new, healthy, budget-stretching recipes!  I can't wait to share them with you in June!
  •  I'll be posting menu plans.
  •  I'll be posting bulk cooking plans and review with you how I "chart" ingredients before beginning to cook.  
  •   I'll be utilizing ingredients which I have on-hand as much as possible.  
  •  Every Monday I'll be showing you what came in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box  that week and then tell you how I plan to make the most of the array of veggies.  

2.  Organize my pantry! 

  • Speaking of "ingredients which I have on-hand", I can't start my grocery budget challenge without knowing exactly what I have in my freezers and pantry! 
  • I have been seriously procrastinating on this project.  But, I'm at a point that I can't find what I need ... and things are beginning to fall out when I open the door.  LOL! 
  • You'll get a look at what an absolute WRECK my pantry is!  
  • I will (hopefully) show you how my son and I put it back in order. 
  • I'll give you my tried and true tips for organizing your pantry.  
  • It's a family affair!  My pantry is organized so the my kids can help bring in groceries and know exactly where and how to put them on the shelves.  

3.  Be hyper-vigilant at tracking my expenses every week.  

  • This is, admittedly, a hard one for me.  And you would think as much as I enjoy counting nickels and dimes that it would be easy. 
  •  This feeling of doom could have something to do with the fact that I am WAY behind on filling in my spread sheet, on which I chronicle my monthly totals in each budget category.  Granted, I have tracked my expenses on Every Dollar and even printed out my monthly reports.  But, I have not filled in the monthly totals on my excel spread sheet at ALL for 2018!  I'm not kidding!  I have five totally blank monthly total columns in 2018!   Of course, my husband being diagnosed with heart failure did put my life on "hold" for a substantial length of time.
  •  But, in order to immediately be aware when adjustments need to be made, I must kick myself into action and get that spreadsheet all caught up to date! 
  •  I'll let you all know if my lack of diligence created any self-made budget challenges.   

4. The June "food budget challenge".  

  • Our family of five will be a family of seven for the month of June.  Our oldest son is home from college and our son John's girlfriend is coming up from Mississippi to visit.  
  •  My husband thinks I can't do it -  just all the more reason to try to prove that I can!  
  • Please keep reading all month long and cheer for me!  I'm going to need it! 


This is the exciting part! 

 I'm doing a giveaway of one of my favorite books, Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half, by Steve and Annette Economides.  

Here's what you need to do to enter the drawing:   

Go to this link!  
You must use the June Food Budget Challenge page to enter the contest!! 
There are instructions at the bottom of the post!! 
You just need to do three simple things to enter:  

1.  Sign up to receive my blog posts via e-mail.  There is a link to do this on the main page of my blog.  Look for the "follow by e-mail" link and just fill in your e-mail address. 

2.  Share the original giveaway post to social media. 

3.  Leave your best tip for saving money on food in the comment field on the original giveaway post.   

That's it!  You'll be entered into the drawing. At the end of the month we'll wrap up our month-long journey, (hopefully) celebrate my success, and I'll announce the winner of the book!  

Best of luck to you and keep those tips and encouragement coming my way!

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