Sunday, May 20, 2018 Guide on The Best Homeowners Insurance recently reached out to me to make me aware of a great resource for homeowners insurance.  They have an on-line Guide on the Best Homeowner's Insurance. 

I was intrigued.  When Larry and I first got married, we didn't purchase a new appliance, tool (or pretty much anything else) without first consulting Consumer Reports.  They were the "gold standard" on research and recommendation of whatever could be bought or sold.

I took a look at and I was impressed!  I would compare their website to Consumer Reports.  But, I like better.  Here is why:

They don't paint purchases with a broad brush.  Not only have they done research, comparing various aspects of products, they have "personalized" their research.  By this, I mean that they realize that not every product or service is right to everyone.  If you are newly married, your insurance needs are different than a person like me, who has been married three decades.  If you own a lot of antiques or park a large boat in your garage, once again, your needs differ from mine. has broken down each company into pros/cons, strengths/weaknesses.  I noticed immediately that some of the insurance companies which we have been impressed with through the years were represented on their site.  I also became acquainted with some new products, services, and companies.

They compare a variety of markers as well to provide you with a well-rounded look at each company.  In the homeowner's insurance guide, they evaluate financial strength ratings, endorsements, customer service, and discounts.  Then you can browse through each company and read about their services. You can also see their top picks and learn why each company earned a top endorsement. 

The website is extensive!  But, it is well organized.  So, if you are shopping for insurance information, it is easy to look at their bold font headings and find what you want.

Just a note:  some, though not all, of the companies represented on the site do have advertiser agreements with  But, they are very up front about this fact, and it did not make me feel that their research was less than honest or skewed to favor their advertisers.

There is a space to enter your zip code so that you can compare rates and get quotes.  But, this is not necessary to access the information on the website.  I was impressed that you can do plenty of research and comparing without being required give away your personal information to get a quote.  This tells me that is confident that their site, recommendations, and reviews are solid.  They don't feel that they need to compel you to give away your e-mail address in order to find the information that you need to make a well-reasoned decision.  When a company is willing to do this, they get high marks from me. 

If you want to take a look at the insurance guide, here is a link:

This link will take you to a list of all the reviews on the site.  They say that it covers everything from "4G to Yoga Mats."  And, oh boy, they are right!  It is quite complete and you'll find a lot of interesting reviews to read! 

So what about you?  Do you find websites like this helpful when you are researching products?   Or do you rely more on recommendations from friends?  Or do you just head out to the mall and ask salespeople for their recommendations? 

Leave comments below and me know what you think.

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