Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Menu Plan for Challenge Week #3

Ginger Lemon Quinoa Salad
This week is a little different than my usual schedule.  I'll fill you in on the details and how these event effect my menu plan.  On an optimistic note:  I find that I am keeping up with my supply of fresh produce from our weekly CSA box - which makes me gloriously happy.  See this post for my personal rant on not wasting food.  I seriously DO like to make the most of all the ingredients which pass through my home each week.   

This Week at a Glance:

Church Ladies Luncheon: 
This week is a little different than the first couple of weeks of our challenge.  I attended a ladies luncheon at our church on Saturday.  I took a huge batch of my ginger lemon quinoa salad for the event.  I brought home a lot of leftovers.  So, we've been eating bowlfuls of this stuff every day since then!  

The good news:  

Ginger Lemon Quinoa Salad is MY recipe!  So, you'll get to read all about it for this week's Cheap Eats! I have a tutorial all shot and the recipe is nearly ready to load!  

My 30th Anniversary!!!

Yep!  Larry and I celebrate 30 years of marriage!   Our actual anniversary was June 11th.  We went out to eat that evening.  But, all four of our boys are home and we will be taking the whole crew (Plus John's amazing girlfriend, Melanie) out to dinner sometime this week.   So, I will actually be cooking a bit less and celebrating a bit more over the next few days.

Road Trip!!

Today we took an all day road trip to Indiana to see friends.  My husband and I took along our 21 and 13 year old sons.  The rest of the kids were back at home or at the home of friends.  Our friends in Indiana treated us to lunch at a local restaurant.  On the way home, we stopped at a grocery store and scored items for dinner for the four of us for just $12.00.  We got a six pack of deli sandwiches for just $6.59!  We added a pack of tortilla chips, a 1 pound package of mini-carrots, and some bananas.  We had ice water in the car.  Not fancy!  But, it worked for supper on the road.    

This Week's Menu:



 Steel cut oatmeal (2x)
Cream of wheat (2x) 
Bagels with cream cheese, fruit, yogurt
Museli with fresh fruit
Grab whatever is leftover in the fridge that looks like breakfast 


*  All lunches are served with raw vegetables, salad, and fruit. 
 Black Bean Soup (2x)
 Toasted Cheese and cabbage salad
 Restaurant lunch provided by friends!  (Yay, friends!!)
Split pea soup (2x)
Quick black bean burritos


 Lentil Burgers
Breaded and baked breaded zucchini with homemade marinara sauce, roasted beets
Anniversary Dinner at The Flattop Grill for the entire family!!  (Yay!!)
Items bought from a grocery store while on Indiana road trip!  (See my complete description above)

That's it!  Sort of a weird unconventional week.  But, at least I have a game plan to get everyone fed.

What's on your menu?  

Comment below so that we can be inspired to try some new recipes!   I'm always looking for inspiration! 

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