Saturday, December 23, 2017

Last Minute Additions to My Candlelight Holiday Table

 Less than 24 hours to the grand candlelight Christmas Eve dinner! 

The table is set.
The menu is planned.
The ingredients bought.
The guests excited.

I blogged on Tuesday about creating a holiday table on a budget.  My son, Daniel, and I gave ourselves a budget of $50 to replace all of my old, worn out Christmas decorations.  That price had to include new dinner plates, smaller dessert-type plates, and all the decorations.  Our grand total was just $36!  I thought I was done.  But, I was not.  I spent another $7 this week and you'll soon see why. 

 I had a couple of last minute blessings that I just had to share with you!  


Remember me telling you that I bought paper napkins, having come to the realization that there was little hope of finding eight matching cloth napkins at a second hand store before December 24th?
I blogged about it in my post on creating an elegant holiday table on a budget.   This is where I say, "Oh, me of little faith!"  Yep!  My husband and I walked into Mission Mart last night and found eight matching cloth napkins in pristine condition.   The price?  $2.00!  And, oh my, do they look good!


The chandelier was just not complete.  I could just feel it.  But, I couldn't figure out what it needed.  Then, while walking through Kroger, I spied a box of marked down ornaments in the general clearance section.  There were at least 30 ornaments in the box.  But, what caught my eye were these lovely silver and gold teardrop ones.  I could just picture them hanging from the center of the chandelier.  The price?  $5.00 for the entire box!   There are plenty of ornaments to add some more bling to the small tree in the corner of the dining room next year!  


More unexpected blessings!  I love everything about the herb, rosemary!  My good friend, Tracey stopped by today and brought this amazing rosemary topiary.  My sister-in-law Suzanne brought me the the colorful Christmas cactus.  Once again, they perfectly balance out the larger cut crystal compote dish in the center of the table.  

Our new grand total for the "Christmas Evening Candlelight Dinner Decorating Project":  $43!  
We came in nicely under our allotted $50 budget!  

Daniel and I pre-set the table today.

We await, with joyous expectation, our special celebration of the birth of Christ.  May you all have a wonderful Christmas weekend, filled with unexpected blessings!  


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