Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How to Create Easy and Elegant Napkin Rings

A friend of my high school pal, Eva Clancy, recently posted a tutorial on her FB page about DIY Christmas napkin rings. I took the concept shown on the video, streamlined it, and made it even easier. Today I'll share my version of DIY Christmas napkin rings.

Let's begin with a supply list:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls - each roll makes 2 napkin rings- FREE
  • A spool of 1 1/2 inch ribbon - I got mine on clearance from Hobby Lobby - $1.20
  • Silver Washi tape - Office Depot - $2.00

That's it! Seriously! You won't believe how elegantly they turn out!

STEP 1:  Cut the Toilet Paper Tubes in half 

I just measured the entire length with a ruler, made a pencil mark across the middle, and then cut through it with scissors. Easy peasy!

STEP 2:  Measure and Glue on the Ribbon

  • Be sure you purchased ribbon that was 1 1/2  inches wide. It's a standard width and you should have no problem finding it. 
  • Wrap it around the tube, leaving just a little overlap.  
  • Cut one length of ribbon and check to be sure that it will fit properly.  
  • Then, before  applying glue, use the ribbon that you just cut as a template, cutting as many pieces as you need for your supply of toilet paper rolls.
  • Wrap it around the middle of the tube and glue. 
  • It if doesn't cover the edges, no worries.  That's where the Washi tape comes in.  

STEP 3:  Cover the Bare Edges with Washi Tape

If you've never used Washi tape, you'll love it! Most stores have a huge display of various widths, sizes, and colors. The Washi tape should overlap your ribbon evenly on both sides. You will probably need a dab of glue at the edge of the washi tape (where it overlaps) to make it secure.

That's it!   

The finished product is a very elegant napkin ring. It's super easy for the kids to help you. You can make varying colors to match your holiday decor, dishes, and napkins. If you have two very similar patterns of ribbon, which compliment one another, that would allow you to add yet more dimension to the finished table setting.

If you give this project a try I'd love to see photos of your finished napkin rings. Leave comments and photos below!

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My son, Daniel, and I gave ourselves a $50 budget to buy ornaments, decorations, napkins, a table runner, dessert plates, and dinner plates. You won't believe what we found and how little we paid!

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