Monday, June 11, 2018

This Week's Menu Plan


Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp


June Food Budget Challenge Week #2

My week is super crazy with an upcoming concert on Saturday evening.  I have three hour long rehearsals every night this week except for Monday.  

It's week 2 of the June Food Budget Challenge and I'm beginning to run out of ingredients and supplies that I had stockpiled from May.  So, this week's grocery run will need to include things like:  onions, celery, garlic, and carrots.  I call those the "fantastic four".  As long as I have those four ingredients in the house I feel like I can cook! 

 I tried to plan ahead: 


I had a mini-bulk cooking session on Friday evening.  Here's a link to the post where I tell you what I made.  

I also planned out how to use the contents of this week's CSA box in this post

Here's how This Week's Menu Panned Out! 



(2x) Steel cut oats - with blueberries and a drizzle of real maple syrup
(2x) Cream of Wheat - with raisins and a drizzle of real maple syrup
(1x) Toast with cream cheese, yogurt, and fresh fruit
(1x) Muesli with fresh fruit and nuts
(1x) Leftovers - whatever you can grab that looks like breakfast


Soup is one of my secret weapons for feeding a large family on a small budget.  Every week I pick three different soup recipes and make a crockpot full of each.  I count each of the soups for two lunches. 

*Lunches served with optional bread with peanut butter or other topping, various raw vegetables, and fruit.  

(2x) Chicken vegetable soup
(2x) Black bean soup
(2x) Split pea soup
(1x) Lentil burger, chips

Basil toast with tomato slices.  (See recipe here.  Scroll down to where I show the basil photo.) 
Rice Salad
Mixed Greens salad
Carrot and celery sticks


(1x) Garlic parmesan broccoli and potatoes,  roasted beets 
(2x) Stir Fry over Brown Rice

What's cooking at your house this week?  

We'd love to know!  Leave a message in the comments.  

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