Thursday, June 28, 2018

Holy Cow! Check Out These Grocery Deals!!

Mid-Week Bargains!

You don't generally hear from me mid-week with grocery deals, but these were just too good not to share!

Store #1 - Big Lots

Big Lots is "hit and miss".  Well, this time it was a hit!  We stopped by on Tuesday evening on our way to Krogers.  Years ago I asked the nice staff people at Big Lots when they do their weekly markdowns.  Turns out that they do it at about noon on Tuesdays.  So, if I am headed that way on a Tuesday or Wednesday, I pop in to look at their markdown shelf. 

Prepare to be shocked at what I bought!

The first thing I spied were these boxes of pineapple, coconut, chia bars.  I know that I said in this post that I don't generally buy snacks.  I don't.  But, also remember my rule of thumb:  prepared food should have no more than five ingredients and all of them should be in English. 

Check out the label!

Four ingredients!  All in English!  Plus, they were marked down to $3.00 a box
 Knowing that we have a roadtrip planned this weekend, I bought two boxes.  I will, however, add that when I tried a bar, sadly, my first thought was:  "These would be better with some added sugar."  LOL!  It was a good try.  Maybe enough of the kids will like them and they will get eaten.  I get an "A" for effort though. 

Then, after having checked out, right at the front of the store on the counter we spied these!  

**  Cue dramatic music here! **

Pasta sauce marked down to $.20 a jar!!  

Once again, my rule of thumb is that I do not purchase prepared food items.  They are too high in sugar, oil, and salt.  But, at $.20 a jar, I bought five jars.  I was additionally swayed by a husband standing at my side begging for the chicken, pineapple, alfredo pizza.  I won't indulge.  It will be a Sunday night treat for everyone else.  The chicken was still in the freezer from Challenge Week #2.  

What I spent:  $7.07

Store #2 - Kroger


At 8:30pm on Tuesday evening I felt compelled to return to Kroger before the melon, peaches, and avocado went off sale!!

My trusty sidekicks got in the car and headed five miles north of our house with me, lured by the siren song of cheap produce.

A Couple of Notes:   

This Kroger run had a couple of special elements that I'd like to bring to your attention:

1.  I used the Free Friday download for the bread.  If you have not signed up for this, go here to do so.   You can use your home computer and the coupon is loaded directly onto your Kroger shopping loyalty card.  The Free Friday download can only be downloaded to your card from midnight to midnight on Friday.  Every Friday there is a new coupon for a completely free product that you can download.  

2.  I used a Kroger coupon for the salad mixes.  The salad was already on clearance.  No worries!  Kroger will allow you to use coupons even on clearance items!  When you use your Kroger store loyalty card,  they will periodically send you free paper coupons in the mail.  There are generally two coupons for completely free items in this packet.  For several weeks I had been schlepping around one of the Kroger paper coupons that I got in the mail.  This one was for $1.00 off of two Kroger salad mixes.  With the coupon, I got each bag of salad mix for $.99!  So, be sure to sign up to get a Kroger card if you haven't already done so. 

What I bought:

3 Athena melons - $.99 each!
3 pounds peaches - $.69 per pound.
1 loaf Nature's Own bread - FREE -  Friday download!
1 bags of Italian style salad mix - on clearance for $1.49 each - PLUS:  $1 off coupon on 2 packages. 
1 red bag of cauliflower - $.99 
4 avocados - $.69 each

What I spent:     $10.84!!

 I have $62.09 left to spend this week!


Our June Food Budget Challenge ends at midnight on Saturday.  

I will tell you that I am absolutely SHOCKED that my house is actually very well stocked with staples, fruit, and vegetables.

 By this time of the month I thought that I'd be grabbing random items from my pantry, throwing them together in a pan and calling them "supper"! 

At the end of the week we'll pick our contest winner and I'll share with you some of the lessons I learned from 

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You have two days to enter!  Head over to our contest page!  Click here!  You can read all about my June food budget challenge and enter for the chance to win a copy of  of one of my favorite books, Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half, by Steve and Annette Economides.

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  1. We are so used to added sugar even with fruit that we think we need it. Our taste buds need to get used to the sweetness of just that taste of natural fruit which is already sweet.

    1. I agree. We don't add sugar to fruit. Once you adjust to the taste of plain fruit, the natural sweetness is plenty sweet without any added sugar.