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Grocery Totals and Best Buys for Challenge Week #2

Store #1 - Kroger (Trip 1)


What I spent:  $7.54

5 boxes of Cheerios
1 gallon of chocolate milk

This store stop epitomizes two things:

1.  Don't take your husband and kids with you to the store or they will talk you into buying them a gallon of chocolate milk for $.99!  Hyper kids for sale soon.  LOL!  

2.  Coupons can be your best friend.  The cheerios were on the $5 off of 5 sale this week.  After the $5 off they were $1.89 each.  I had manufacturer coupons for every single box, which I downloaded from Plus, I had a coupon from Kroger, which I had loaded onto my store loyalty card.  This brought the total down to $1.39 per box.  This is cheaper than cereal at Aldi!  Score!! 

 If you are following my weekly menu plans, you have probably noticed that I am not a huge fan of boxed cereal for breakfast.  It's generally too expensive and my children want to eat multiple bowls at one sitting.  Basically, they consume an entire box of prepackaged cereal and wind up hungry about an hour later.  So, years ago we instituted the tradition of eating boxed cereal for supper on Sunday evenings.  By Sunday evenings, I have cooked all week long and I am tired!  They look forward to their one time a week of boxed cereal!

Store #2 - Aldi

I headed to my tried and true cheapest-store-in-town, Aldi for some kitchen staples this week.  

Cream Cheese - 2 boxes - $.79 each
Unsalted Butter - 1 pound - $2.56
Parmesan Cheese - 8 ounce - $2.29
Whipped Dressing - 32 oz. - $1.86
Tortilla Chips - 1 bag - $.89
Cucumbers - 2 - $.49 each
Celery - $.95
Yellow onions - 3 pound bag - $1.59

What I spent:  $12.83

Store #3 - Home Goods


I know!  This is a crazy place to buy anything related to groceries.  We had never actually ever set foot in this store.  

We had dinner at the Flat Top Grill to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on Monday.  When we got done we walked over to Home Goods.  I found a big bag of turmeric for $3.00.  This is a great price and I was running out of this spice.  

Reader Alert!!  I found Home Goods to be a very interesting store to browse through.  Since was the fist time I've ever been there,  I'd love to hear your Home Goods stories if this is your place to go for great deals!  Leave your scoop on Home Goods in the comments. 

What I spent:  $3.03

Store #4 - HyVee

HyVee is just across the street from the Flat Top Grill.  We took advantage of their chargers to charge our electric car while dining and then stopped in to finish our grocery shopping.  

Once again this week HyVee hit it out of the ballpark with their clearance baskets.  At our store, these treasure troves are at the front of the store.  

Popeye fresh spinach - 2 bags - 12 oz. each - 6.00 total. 
Fresh garlic - 2 bulbs - $.58 each 
Earl Gray Tea - box of 24 - marked down to $1.00 a box.
Whole Wheat pasta - 4 boxes - 16 oz.each -  marked down to $1.00 a box.    

What I spent:  $11.27

Store #5 -Kroger (Trip 2)

I can't tell you how happy I am with Kroger's markdown section!  We hit the store right when they were doing all the marking down in the meat and produce departments.  Great timing!  They also had boneless chicken breasts and grapes for a great price this week!

  2 - 1 pound containers of organic spinach and spring mix - marked down to $2.99 each!
  2 - packages of of Tyson boneless, skinless chicken breasts - on sale for $1.77 a pound
  2 - bags of grapes.  Both black and green grapes were sale priced at $98 a pound.
  3 - 1 pound packages of Beyond Meat sausages - regularly $9.00, marked down to $3.00 each!

I don't generally buy faux meat products.  Even though they are vegan, they contain too much salt and oil for me and they are way too expensive.  But, for $3 a pound I bought all three marked down packages.  I'll cut it up and throw it into casseroles and add it to veggies and rice so that the salt is less per person than eating an entire "sausage" link.

What I spent:  $27.12

Store #6 -Kroger (Trip 3)  


Yes, I visited Kroger three times this week.  I'm am breaking my own rule about staying out of the store as much as possible to save money.  But, I had to go Saturday morning to get the Saturday only deals! 

Miracle Whip - $.99 - limit 5 - Saturday only - I got 2! 
Ketchup - $.99 - limit 5 - Saturday only - I got 3!  
Knorr One Skillet Meal -  Friday Download Digital Coupon - FREE  
Ocean Spray Reduced Sugar Juice - Friday Download Digital Coupon - FREE

Here's my receipt:  

I saved $18.48 - 75%!

What I spent:  $5.00

Store #7 - Walmart 

Cheerios - family sized 21 oz. boxes - clearance priced at $2.00 each!  I bought 2 boxes.   
Milk - 1 gallon - $.98! 
Saltine Crackers - 2 boxes at $.75 each - $1.49
Richard's Salt Free Peanut Butter - $2.48  - My husband is on a very salt restricted diet and this peanut butter has absolutely no added salt. 

What I spent: $9.09

Did I Make It?  Yes!!



After my epic fail on Week 1 of our challenge, I ended this week with $.63 remaining for week 2 of the June Food Budget Challenge!

(Cue epic happy music and dancing!!)  

Golly, I felt like I spent a lot of time in stores though, with seven visits to stores throughout the week.  Next week I'd like to streamline the process a bit and not go to the store quite as much. 

This Week's Best Buys  (There were just too many to narrow it down this week to the Five Best Buys)! 


Kroger gets the "nod" this week as the store which provided the most prolific markdown deals! 

 This vegan sausage was a spectacular deal at 75% off of retail!  

Cheerios, which my son arranged to resemble Stonehenge. 
The cheerios haul definitely puts it into this week's best buys.  In fact, later in the week I found a great clearance deal on the 21 oz. boxes of Cheerios on clearance at Walmart for nearly half price.  

My entire Saturday morning Kroger's grocery run was one fantastic best buy!  The ketchup and Miracle Whip were $.98 each.  The skillet meal and Ocean Spray juice were FREE!

One more!  The organic whole wheat pasta marked down to $1.00 each for 16 oz. boxes at HyVee was definitely a fantastic find!

All in all, it was a very successful week! 

Do you have a best buy or fantastic deal that you'd like to share?  We'd love to hear about it!  Comment below to let us all in on your shopping successes and secrets!  

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