Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Super Savvy Christmas Gifts from Walgreens?!

 My recent Walgreens haul was so fantastic that it qualified for inclusion in my Super Savvy Shopper Savings Series! 

Before we get started, let me give you links to part 1 and part 2 of this series "Dollar Tree Deals" and "Let's Go Krogering."

When one ponders which stores offers gifts at great prices, Walgreens doesn't immediately spring to mind.  However, I recently hit a motherload of gifts in the clearance section of my local Walgreens.

Check out these colorful scarves!
They were marked down 90%!  Originally priced at just under $6.00, they were discounted to $.60 each!   I cleaned the shelf! The grand total for the scarves was $7.80!

But, wait!  There's more!

Elegant "Together We Give Opportunity" coffee mugs!

Originally priced at $12.00, they were discounted to $1.20 each. Although the price was very attractive, I soon discovered that this was a cup with a cause!  I love that a portion of the profits goes to support financial independence for needy women overseas.  The organization is called WE and can be found at  There is a code on a tag attached to each mug.  You can go to the website and type in the code to see the impact of your purchase.  Once again, I depleted their inventory.

I even got an additional discount by using the points I had accumulated on my Walgreens store loyalty card.  Honestly, I was so pumped by the bargains that I didn't even consider that I might have enough points to take some money off of my total.  The store clerk, who was as excited by my deals as I was, asked me, "Do you want me to check the total on your loyalty card?  Maybe you have enough points to discount your total even further?"  I love it when a total stranger is clearly "into" my savvy shopper ways.  Sure enough, I was able to take $5 off of my total!

The scarves and mugs all went into my "gift stash" to be used for Christmas gifts.  Here is an example of a gift basket that I put together for under $5.00, using items that I found at incredible prices.

Here is a breakdown of the items and their cost:

Three dark green Christmas napkins:          $ .75 ($.25 each - Bergner's clearance)
"Together We Give Opportunity" mug:       $1.20 (Walgreens Clearance)
Oolong Organic Tea:                                    $1.00 (Big Lots Clearance shelf)
Pampered Chef wooden spoon:                   $1.20 (Clearance)
Cool colorful scarf:                                      $ .60 (Walgreens Clearance)
TOTAL:                                                       $4.75

Note:  I had the basket, the candy, and the black feather on hand already. I purchase baskets throughout the year from second-hand stores or garage sales.  I try to always keep a few in my "gift stash" area.  Nice gift bags are also something to look for throughout the year.  Although remember that Dollar Tree has them in stock year-round for a dollar each in various sizes.  

Since then, I have stopped by Walgreens two more times and taken note that although they are not a "gift shop", they do have some interesting items at fantastic clearance prices.  It is certainly worth a stop while you are in the neighborhood.  After all, there is a Walgreens on every corner, isn't there?  😉

How about you?  Have you ever shopped your Walgreens for gifts?  I'd love to hear your experiences.  Comment below.


Do all to the glory of God,


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