Friday, August 10, 2018

This Week's Best Buys: 30 pounds of Frozen Vegetables for $16.50!!

This week's best buys could best be described as being at the right place at the right time.



I'll get to that crazy 30 pounds of vegetables in just a moment.  First, let's talk about HyVee. I had a combination of coupons - which are available at the store - and sale items. 

 What I got: 

2 - 24 packs of bottled water for just $1.77 each - sales item - no coupon - no limit!  I'm not a big fan of bottled water.  But, with school starting, it's so easy to send a bottle of water with the boys for lunch.  So, at that price, I caved and bought two cases. 

2 chunks of marked down cheese - Both HyVee and Kroger have a special section for sales cheese.  They take odds, ends, and random pieces of leftover high-end cheese and mark it down to bargain prices.  For under $5 you can try some amazing cheese!  Grab the cheese and add some crackers, fresh veggies, and fruit and you're ready for a last minute al fresco snack break or light supper at the park! 

5 pounds of potatoes for just $.99!  I used a coupon, which appeared in a 1 page sales flyer this week.  Check the front of the store and grab the glossy single page flyer.  You'll find the coupon on the back of the flyer. 

16 oz. package of salad mix - $1.00 - sales item - no coupon needed

3 pounds mixed apples - from the Misfit shelf.  Do check out the shelving unit that HyVee has dedicated to misfit produce.  These are items which were too big or too small to be considered for regular sale.   I think it is crazy that as Americans we don't want to purchase or eat food unless it is the perfect size.  However, the unexpected side effect of being able to buy less-than-perfect produce at bargain prices is a a real bonus!   This bag contained several different varieties of apples and they were all in perfect condition!  Score! 

What I spent:   $13.02


What I got: 

 8 packages of marked down greens for just $.99 each! - The marked down greens were abundant!  I found  5 ounce packages of organic kale and organic baby spinach marked down from over $3.00 each to just $.99 each!  I bought 6 spinach and 2 kale (and I almost wish I had bought more!)  Yes, we will chow down on every morsel long before it gets slimy.  We eat a tremendous amount of greens in this house!  

Annie's Mac and Cheese - free with the Friday download coupon!

Virgin coconut oil - $1.99 - I don't cook with oil, but around the holidays, I will certainly crank out some goodies for special occasions, and this organic coconut oil will suit me perfectly!  

Cherry Juice - $.99 - I used the cherry juice for an amazing dish I made for supper last night, which featured mashed potatoes, topped with seasoned lentils, and then drizzled with a reduced cherry/tomato sauce mixture.  For $.99, this slightly dented bottle was just what I needed. 

Check out those prices!  They were courtesy of the general merchandise markdown aisle at Kroger! Here's a link to my tutorial on shopping at Kroger. 

What I spent:  $15.23



Okay, this is where the shopping trip went a little crazy! This purchase was definitely "right place, right time".  I stopped by GFS to get bananas.  They always have 3 pound bundles for just $1.00.  I entered the store and 5 minutes later head to the checkout with my 2 bunches of bananas in hand.  

As I was in the process of paying my $2.02 for my 6 pounds of bananas I overheard one of the stock people ask the cashier, "What am I supposed to do with that big box of frozen vegetables?  Someone special ordered it and now they don't want it.  It's not even an item we stock regularly."  

My bargain-seeking radar went in full swing!  She told him to put it on the markdown shelving in the freezer section.  Now I happen to know from past experience that when GFS marks down items that they normally do not have in the store, they offer it at a deep discount.  

I asked the cashier, "How large is that box?"  

She replied, "About thirty pounds, I think."

This is what a 30 pound box of veggies looks like!

I did some quick mental calculations.  Deciding that I could creatively rearrange the freezer, I asked the price.   

This is where it is critical to know your stock up price!  (For more information, check out this post, where I discuss stock up prices and four other ways to save big on groceries without clipping coupons.) 

 Sale prices of $.79 a pound for mixed frozen vegetables can be found.  Once a year HyVee puts their frozen vegetables on sale for $.59 a pound.  But, it has been quite a while since they have done this and I wonder if they will be offering this deep discount again.  When the assistant manager gave me an offer of $16.50, I said, "Sold!"   

We will eat $.55 a pound frozen vegetables all winter long! 
It was 11 bags!  100 cups of mixed frozen vegetables.  

What I spent:  $16.67

One last note:

Am I a crazy person for buying all those frozen vegetables?  No!  I've lived this way for a long time!  One of the ways that you "beat the system" when you are raising kids on an income which is under the national median is to stock when prices are at their lowest.  You must be organized and have a system of tracking what you have on hand - and then use it!   Trust me! It works!  It will help you to save money and  meet your financial goals!

Am I crazy?

You decide!  Leave me your thoughts in the comments section.  What is the craziest deal you have ever found on food?  Have you ever bought a "crazy" amount?  How did it work out for you?  I'd love to know!  

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  1. You're the best! Great timing and execution!

    1. Good to know you think so, because you're going to be eating mixed frozen vegetables about 100 different ways! LOL!