Hope Ware, public speaker and writer. 

My professional bio: 

I have a degree in radio and television broadcasting and was hired at WPEO Christian Radio, just 10 days after graduating. I stayed there for the next 12 years and, for the majority of that time, functioned as the production director, writing and producing programs and commercials.

Since leaving the full-time workforce, I've provided vocal talent for a wide variety of free lance projects, including voiceovers for prestigious companies like Pioneer Hybrid International and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

I've been a frequent and popular speaker at the APACHE Homeschooling convention, held yearly in Peoria. 

I sing second soprano for the highly acclaimed Heritage Ensemble and teach in the high school department at Peoria Cooperative Academy. 

I write, blog, and give tips on living with a spirit of joy and abundance on a shoestring budget at www.underthemedian.blogspot.com.

My personal bio: 

I've been married to Larry since 1988 and am Mom to four amazing sons, age 22-11.
We have raised our sons DEBT-FREE, including purchasing our second home with cash, on an income, which often averaged 30% under the national median. That’s what inspired me to write my blog: Under the Median. Living on little is challenging – especially if you are raising kids. I don’t give  pie-in-the-sky advice. I’ve been in the trenches and made hard choices. However, it's also equally important that I impart to readers and listeners that they can have a spirit of joy and abundance on a shoestring budget.

Public Speaking

I love connecting with any size group, large or small. 


I'd love to speak to your church or civic group. My presentations last for 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for audience questions. However, I am open to preparing longer or shorter presentations.

You may select from the following topics or I can work with you to create a special presentation for your audience.

Current Session Descriptions: 

Each is 60 minutes long, including a 40-45 minute presentation with 15 minutes for questions from the audience.

SESSION #1: Kids and Money

Let’s talk about chores, allowances, cars, college and everything else related to raising kids on a budget! What do you pay for and what do you expect them to pay for? I explain why my kids don’t graduate from high school until they have handled our family finances for six months! From toddlers to young adults, I give you my best tips for raising happy, helpful kids, while teaching them fiscal responsibility.

SESSION #2: Feeding Your Family for Less

How do you fill hungry tummies without breaking the bank? In this session I’ll tell you how I feed my family on for just $400 a month! We’ll cover everything from how and where to buy food to the best way to prepare it. As an added bonus, I tell you how to get your kids involved!

SESSION #3: Beating Budget Busters

A budget buster is any item, which can leave a gaping hole in your bank account. It could be a utility bill, or the fact that your teen just grew 4 inches and 2 months and now needs a whole new wardrobe. In this session I give you my best tips and tricks for planning ahead and cutting the costs of clothing, restaurants, utilities, gifts, and more! 

SESSION #4: Financial Freedom on A Shoestring Budget

My husband and I have raised our 4 sons, debt-free on an income which often averaged 30% under the national median. Through hard work and a whole lot of “sticking to it”, we paid cash for cars, vacations, furniture – even our home!  In this session, I give you 7 steps to achieving financial freedom – but, more importantly, I share encouragement on how to live with a spirit of joy and abundance on a shoestring budget!

SESSION #5: Cutting Your Utility Costs

Many people see their power bill as being a “fixed cost” and that there are really no viable ways to lower it. Fortunately, this is not true! In this session we focus on 20 ways (which we have personally used) to cut our utility costs. BONUS: I have created a FREE, downloadable , 16-page, utility e-book.


Sponsored Posts

I was a professional copywriter for many years. I know how to attract an audience, create interest, and generate excitement about your product or service . Best of all, my audience knows that I will never, ever ask them to buy a product that I would not personally buy. So, when I recommend your product or service, they can trust that it is a good value for their family. 

Sponsored posts begin at just $50 with a variety of packages available. 

Guest Posts 

I have been a guest post writer multiple times for Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom. I love the chance to do research, tackle a subject, and then write about it in a creative, intriguing way. If you'd like me to guest post for your blog or product page, contact me and let's talk!

Contact me!

Contact me for pricing and availability. I can be reached at: underthemedian@gmail.com 

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