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 If you are new to Under the Median, let me introduce myself!

 I'm Hope, wife to Larry since 1988

And Mom to four fantastic sons!

We raised our sons DEBT-FREE, on an income which consistently averaged under the National Median Income.  That's what inspired the name of this blog!  Living under the median is challenging - especially if you are raising kids!  I won't tell you it's easy - because it's not!  But, it can be done!! 

Through hard work, a little creativity, and a whole lot of "sticking-to-it", we managed to pay our first mortgage off in just five years.  We stayed debt free, paying cash for cars, furniture, and vacations.
 We continued to live in our two bedroom bungalow (with FOUR boys!)  for another 13 years, squirreling money away every month.  Then, In 2010 we achieved our dream of buying our second home with cash!!

I'm Here To Tell You How To Do It, Too!

On this blog I tell you how to do what we did!  I give you my best ideas for saving money, creatively buying clothes, groceries, and gifts, and staying out of debt.  I don't give you pie-in-the-sky advice!  I've been in the trenches and lived with little, but, I've learned that you can have a spirit of joy and abundance on a shoestring budget!

I wrote out all the details of our money-saving, early marriage, and house-buying adventures in a special five-part series.

Let me tell you where to find the whole series.

 Part 1 - "The Early Years".

Part 2 - "Mistakes We Made".

Part 3 - "Paying Off Our First Home in FIVE Years!"

Part 4 - "Gazelle Intensity: Saving for Home #2."

Part 5 - "Cash Is King! Buying House #2." 

I hope that you enjoy our story and that it will fill you with HOPE!  If you have comments or questions, I'm happy to field them.  You can reach me at the address on my contact page.


Do all to the glory of God,



  1. I am planning to make the Ginger Lemon Quinoa Salad for Shabbat. I am new to blogging and to you. How do I find the measurements for the listed ingredients for the dressing that goes with this salad? Thank you in advance.

    1. Thanks so much for reaching out. I love that you are serving this for Shabbat! We are not Jewish, but have some friends who are. So, we have participated in many celebrations with them. There is a link to the ingredients list and the instructions in this post: . Happy Shabbat!