Sunday, March 11, 2018

40 Items for $30! My thrift store haul!

I have always told my children that you don't have to spend a bundle on clothing.  Instead, you can shop smart and look like you frequent high-end boutiques!

My son's amazing girlfriend, Melanie, is visiting from Mississippi.  We issued ourselves a "clothing challenge".  Okay, it was really an excuse for a shopping trip.  But, my husband and sons were immediately on board with us - including gallantly standing outside the changing rooms, holding handfuls of clothing, and periodically handing us new items to try on!  "Rock on!" men in our lives!  You are amazing!    

We grabbed some cash and hit up the local Mission Marts.

Be still my heart!  They were having a special $5 bag sale.  How many pieces of clothing can you cram into one standard sized shopping bag?  The average number of pieces we got in each bag was 15!  That's $.35 per item!  We bought three $5 bags, two pairs of shoes, and several bracelets for a grand total of $30!

Most of our Mission Mart haul!  We couldn't get it all in the photo.

Shopping was hard work! 

Celebrating with Pellegrino while wearing some of our new clothing! Classic white lightweight cardigans paired with jeans and cotton t-shirts. 

You will not believe the name-brand pieces that we bought for literally pennies on the dollar when you compare the retail price of these same items. We'll model some of the items we found, paired with pieces we already owned. 

Welcome to our expedition into the world of shopping on the cheap.  

Basic foundation pieces. 

Honestly you can't go wrong with basic colors.  Black, grey, tan, and navy blue all lend themselves to incredible versatility.  Layer different colors, patterns, and textures for completely different looks!
Black and red classic style! 

Basic black and red paired with contrasting colors


This tan shrug can be worn with any number of patterns and prints! 

Accessories Make All the Difference!
A few carefully selected accessories can change the whole feel of the look.  Both of these pairs of shoes were from our Mission Mart haul.  Both were brand new with tags for $2.49 each!  The quartet of bracelets was also priced at $2.49 for all four!  

Arizona Jean Company blue leather sandals
Cabrizi navy blue leather pumps

Change the look from day to night. 

Here are the same foundation items paired with different pieces to create entirely different looks. 

Hanging out with the girls!

Ready for a night on the town with my husband! 

 I got the beaded jacket and matching cami a few months ago at Mission Mart for under $3.00! 

Casual look:  Black cami paired with jeans and a beaded black jacket. 

Pour on the glam for a night on the town!  I exchanged the black cami for the beaded cami, which matches the jacket.  Then I added a formal black skirt and pumps. 
Check out the beadwork fringe on the jacket!

 We were thrilled with our new wardrobe!  Your turn!  What were your best thrift store finds?  Post photos and descriptions in the comments section!  Until next time, happy bargain hunting!

Do all to the glory of God, 



  1. Hope everything is ok. Missing your posts:)

    1. Ica, thanks so much for asking! I just saw this. I have been absent for several weeks dealing with a serious and unexpected medical diagnosis for my husband. But, we are adjusting to a new normal and I am beginning to have the time and energy once again to focus on blog posts. I just did a post on his health and the diagnosis. We are taking one day at a time.

  2. Hi Hope,

    I just read your blog about your husband's help. I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through this but also happy to hear that he is doing better now. My uncle and one of my friends had big health issue related to a flu virus attacking different parts of their bodies. They both are healthy now but it was a good reminder how something so "usual" like flu can cause really big problems. Hopefully from this point, everything will get better:)
    I am also glad to see you back:)

    1. Thank you so much! It is good to hear that your Uncle and friend had good outcomes to a viral attack on their bodies.

  3. Brand new shoes never worn for $3 Brand new pair of jeans $5 with 50% off so got for$2.50!!

    1. I love it when I find brand new items that have clearly not been worn for a great price! The last time I shopped the $5 bag sale I got a linen jacket (it's the blue one in the photos on the blog). It was new with tags and I think we figured out that we paid about $.50 per item in the bags!

  4. Oh and one time I bought a jean skirt and found $60 in the pocket after I got home!!