Saturday, October 13, 2018

DEAL ALERT! I Have NEVER Seen Zojirushi thermoses at This Price!!

Order this thermos for Christmas gifts! 

It is not often that I endorse a product as wholeheartedly as I do this one!

 My son, John, was given one of these Zojirushi thermos cups as a gift three years ago on his birthday.  I have coveted it no-so-secretly ever since.  In fact, I borrowed it last week and then nearly panicked, thinking I had lost it!  That was what led me to check out Amazon's current prices, so I could actually get my own and stop trying to sneak his thermos out of the house without him noticing.

That's when I saw this price!

Usually priced at $45, they are on sale at Amazon

RIGHT NOW for under $30!! 

Three years ago, I researched this product.  I  watched product videos, read reviews, and waited for sale prices.  There are over 5000 reviews on Amazon!  These thermoses consistently get 5-star reviews, filled with glowing words and photos! It comes by its reputation with good reason!  

Let me show you why I like this thermos so much!


Interlocking Top:

It closes with a special silver interlocking clasp has a special locking mechanism.  
  It will will not come loose!  It will not leak!  

Easy to Open:

Once you release the lock, it opens easily with the flick of the interlocking switch.  

Guaranteed Heat or Cold Retention:

Check out the double gasket at the top!  I fits securely into the opening, facilitating heat or cold retention. 

Double-Walled Construction

The double-walled construction also aids in heat retention. 

Heat retention is GUARANTEED for six hours and that written guarantee is offered for five years.

John  says that he can leave the house with a hot beverage first thing in the morning, work for several hours, and then enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee when he takes his break.  That liquid has been known to still be hot for him a full eight hours later.

I have seriously never seen a better made travel coffee cup! 


Here are some links to get you started on ordering your mugs!

(This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase, I will be compensated.)  

16 ounce Thermos Mugs:

 The regular price of $45.00 has been slashed to just $24.96 with FREE shipping! 

The price for this blue thermos is under $25.00 with FREE shipping! 

 $24.96 with FREE shipping!

 20 Ounce Thermos Mugs:

 A big 20 ounce mug for the same price as the 16 ounce mug!!  $29.74 with FREE shipping!

 $28.95 with FREE shipping!

 $29.99 with FREE shipping! 

Let me know what size and color you picked!

Leave your thoughts in the comments section.   

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