Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Amazon: Great Deals! LEGO Sale!!

 Time for some early Christmas shopping! 

It is seriously hard to find a good Lego sale!  But, Amazon has some sets for terrific prices right now. I found Lego at 24-35 percent off of the regular price!

(This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I will be compensated.)  

So fun and perfect for both boys and girls!  Save $20 right now! 

I wanna play with this one!  27% off!  Just $36.49 and FREE shipping! 

900 pieces!!  Perfect for free play and creativity! 35% off!  Marked down from $76.79 to $49.99!

 The perfect companion gift for the set of 900 bricks!  My boys have a Lego idea book and refer to it again and again! 
The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination Hardcover 

 Here's another ideas book at over 40% off the list price!


29% off right now with FREE shipping!

Just $18.99 - That's 24 percent off!  

This book is currently 42% off the list price.  My boys have looked at their Lego specialty books so often that they have worn the covers off of them! 

This is a seriously big set!  My middle son got the companion police station set for Christmas one year from Aunt Sandy.  He played with it endlessly!  This set 30% off right now!  

Girls rock and Lego knows it!  This girl super hero set is on sale for under $20!  It's 35% off!

These guide books are terrific!  This one is 33% off the list price!

Happy Shopping!

What did I miss?  There are certainly a lot more Lego sets on Amazon, but these were the ones I picked at being the best value.  Did I miss any?  If you see one that is a terrific deal, post it in the comments section so we can all take advantage of pre-Christmas shopping!

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