Sunday, October 23, 2016

Love Your Life, Not Theirs

Last week my nearly 20 year old son stood dejectedly in the kitchen.  “Mom, there is something wrong with my car!”  

I told him I was sorry for his trouble and then reminded him.  “Remember, you have an emergency fund.  It has enough money in it to allow you pay for the car repairs.” 
We talked about the repairs, the importance of living on a budget and saving for the future, and how great it was to pay cash for what you need.

But, my son's money habits are an exception to the rule.  My heart is burdened for the debt I see his peers taking on in the form of student loans.  They don’t realize that it will take them DECADES to pay off those loans and a job is not guaranteed when they finish their education.  I fear for young couples getting married and having no plan to manage their money.   I see those closer to my age and nearing retirement, who are wondering if they will ever be able to afford to quit work. 

That’s why I am SO grateful for Rachel Cruze’s newest book, “Love Your Life, Not Theirs.”   She teaches financial common sense in a way that makes sense – especially to those who are age 16-46.  But, believe me, this book isn’t limited to that demographic!  Rachel is brutally honest about her own mistakes and flaws and she’s funny, to boot!  When she pointed out that we are in a constant state of comparing our life with others, I completely understood.  Even in your 50’s,you find yourself comparing your drab living room furniture to your friend’s whole house makeover or your 20-year-old car with their shiny, new red convertible.  None of us is exempt from the game of comparisons! 

 In her book, Rachel gives you seven practical steps for enjoying life, living within your means, and planning for a fantastic future.  She encourages you to STOP comparing, have a plan for your money, learn to enjoy life on your own terms., and ignore the barrage of advertising that comes to your in-box daily!   I’ve read dozens of budgeting books and Rachel breathes new life into the subject.  She makes you actually excited to have a plan for your money. I give Love Your Life, Not Theirs “two thumbs up”. It would make an invaluable Christmas, graduation, or wedding gift.